Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bryan Q. Miller Announces Smallville Season Eleven Comic is Ending

The title says it all, the Smallville Comic is ending.  First Batman Beyond 2.0 (or even Justice League Beyond 2.0 before that) and now this.  Two of my favorite titles are biting the dust.  When I say "favorite titles", I don't mean just Digital First titles, I mean TITLES. For fans of the Smallville television series, this comic continuation has been a godsend.  Bryan Q. Miller's writing is (obviously) spot
on and the stories he's told have expanded the Smallville Universe to the bursting point.  It's been pretty obvious that the book has been headed for a big Crisis, I just didn't think it would end the series.  If you haven't read Smallville yet, just go back to the very beginning. It's so good and well worth the read.

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