Sunday, October 12, 2014

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 10/11/14

This week we had some pretty cool covers.  The best (in my not-so-humble opinion) include a new weekly book's first cover, a Monster Variant and one that fellow WS writer, Eric, wants as a poster.  I'm just glad we are clear of those awful 3D covers.  I will probably throw that bi in for months until I can start bitching about 2015's 3D covers.  I'm sorry, I just hate them.

Cover of the Week

Constantine #18 (Juan Ferreyra)

Such an epic cover!  Juan Ferreyra gives us an awesome Constantine clutching the Helmet of Fate, but what I love is the little characters above each Earth.  Such a great touch.  It also doesn't hurt that the cover captures the essence of the story within.  BTW, this is the cover that Eric wants as a poster.

Runners Up

Green Lantern Corps #35 (Mikel Janin Monster Variant)

Mikel Janin is on a roll!  He had my favorite cover last week and barely misses the top spot with this Monster Variant.  John Stewart as a Black Lantern is just pure awesomeness.  This is by far my favorite monster cover so far and will be really hard to beat.  Eric's review for the issue is HERE.

Earth 2: World's End #1 (Ardian Syaf, Jaime Mendoza and Tomeu Morey)

I'm a sucker for a cover with tons of cool characters and this one has that in spades. Everything (and everyone) looks so great and the parademons coming from Batman is such a great and creepy look.  Eric's Review for the issue is HERE

Batman Beyond 2.0 #37 (Thony Silas and Emilio Lopez)

Finally, a book that I review.  Anyone who comes to our site on a regular basis knows that I love this book and really love Thony Silas' art.  This cover shows why.  Like the last arc that this is a cover for, it is so epic and ties in with the whole series.  Sadly, this book is ending soon, but I'm sure that Kyle Higgins will give it a great sendoff and i am positive that Thony Silas' art will kick ass.  My review for this issue is HERE 

Cover Song of the Week

Diamond Dogs by David Bowie (Beck)

Here at Weird Science, there is no argument that David Bowie is a Rock God.  However, there is a huge debate when it comes to Beck.  Eric hates him and I love him.  In fact, Beck is in my top 5 favorite musical artists (with the likes of The Beatles, Wilco, Led Zeppelin and The Replacements) and number one concert of all time.  In an effort to get Eric to see his greatness, I give you (and him) Beck's awesome cover of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs.  Enjoy!