Monday, January 12, 2015

Earth 2: World's End #14 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Art By: Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica, Marc Deering, Jorge Jimenez, Robson Rocha, Guillermo Ortego, Tyler Kirkham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 7, 2015

Batman Sucks..................Some Blood

We're back in Earth 2 and hopefully after last issue the creators have got back in the saddle because "yeesh" was last issue a stinker.  The Superman/Batman heroes began fighting the Avatar of the Red: Yolanda Montez just because Desaad out of nowhere had control of her.  Dick Grayson wasn't doing much better as we saw him give up on life and welcome an oncoming Tsunami.  It's a good thing that Ted Grant came back into the story to knock him the hell out and outrun the Tsunami...........Yeah, I'm still not happy that he was able to do that but it's a new issue and we'll look to the future. The Avatars had their hands full with their battle against the Furies of Apokolips when the new Fury: Huntress joined the battle and quickly killed the Avatar of the Blue and almost killed Sam Zhou: The Avatar for the White and finally on the World Army front, Major Sato led the civilian survivors into the old Project Beyond bunker to keep them safe and had the Atom sacrifice himself to make more room below them.  So yeah, the Atom is just dead now and we left last issue with Commander Khan kicking Terry Sloan's betraying ass out of his spaceship when he activated a self destruct program and then piloting it towards Darkseid's citadel on a suicide mission.  So the Atom's dead and it looks like Commander Khan will be joining him soon.  Let's find out in this week's issue of Earth 2: World's End.

Explain It!:

This week's story begins with Commander Khan going in for his grand exit from his mortal coil.  Yeah, that's a fancy way of saying that he's about to explode all over Darkseid.  It's just too bad that Darkseid was watching from his dictator balcony and simply omega beamed the shit out of him before he could finish his mission.  So yeah, Commander Khan sacrificed himself for nothing and now the rest of our heroes on Apokolips are stuck since they have no ship home.

Over in Chicago, Dick Grayson looks on at the destruction of the tsunami that he almost let take his life and Ted Grant figures this is a good time to teach Dick how to fight by kicking the shit out of him.  This is one of the possibilities that I saw coming from Barbara Grayson's death but this isn't the Dick Grayson from the Prime Universe and I really don't see him getting all the training that he needs to fight off crazy mobs of people and the forces of Darkseid in such a short time.  I just hope that we don't go from a few sparring session between Dick and Ted and all of a sudden Dick is kicking ass and taking names like he's been doing it his whole life.  Hell if we were to have something like that I think it would have to take at least half an issue of World's End and I would want the beginning to specifically tell me that this is the montage sequence.  In the end of this segment to the story we find out that the train that Dick had put his son on derailed and Dick goes searching for what's left of his little boy.

Down in Desaad's Clone Labyrinth, our Superman/Batman heroes are fighting off the Avatar of the Red, or more accurately clones of the Avatar.  So yeah, even though Desaad has only been on Earth 2 as long as Power Girl and Huntress, it really seems like he didn't waste anytime to get shit done.  Clones of Superman and now the Avatar of the Red who we learned in Earth 2 #30 was supposed to be waiting for the Red to call for her at the Tower of Fate.......... I mean I guess we can say that other forces of Darkseid kept things going in Desaad's absence but this really comes off as Desaad's pet project and I haven't seen anyone else in these labyrinths to tell me otherwise.  Now if all of this is coming off a little confusing to you then wait till you hear this little nugget of "what the shit".  Hopefully you'll remember that the group found Superman and since his DNA has been tainted so much in the clone experiments, he no longer has any powers and since he doesn't have any powers he gets his ass handed to him pretty quickly by the clones of the Avatar of the Red.  Now Batman goes over to him to make sure he's alright and Superman tells Batman and us that his blood was piped into this place and used to make the clones but it became tainted and his blood is now poison to the clones.  Following so far?  So with this information Batman comes to the conclusion that the best thing for him to do is break open a pipe that for some reason is still filled with Superman's blood even though we found out it's poison and then Batman fills a syringe with it and injects Superman's blood into his neck................. and somehow gets superpowers or a PCP like high...........I don't know but does this make sense to anyone in the slightest?  That's it for this section, Batman gets all amped up and goes back to the fight.............I'm really lost here but is it possible that we can chalk it up to Weird Science?............never mind I don't want to be associated with that.

In the end, the Avatars realize that they're getting their asses kicked by the Furies and plead to the Kingdoms of Earth to enhance their powers and we see that our Avatars are fueled up for another round of battle and down in the Project Beyond bunker that is now massive due to Atom sacrificing his life and getting the World Army to nickname the bunker Atom's Haven, Commander Sato wants to come up with a backup plan in case the Avatars fail.  Now I'm not trying to say anything disparaging against The Flash but to me he just doesn't come off as "a thinker" but maybe that's just me because Commander Sato decides that since Flash has an idea that might work against the Furies they'll just go with it.  Whatever Flash's plan is, it entails him and Hawkgirl finding the possibly living body of Famine and that's where our story ends this week.  I know Flash is one of those amazing "Wonders" and has some kick ass super speed, I'm just saying that if I was the Commander of the World Army, I might just ignore him when it comes to things like plans.

That's it for this week's Earth 2: World's End and while I loved this issue so much more than last week's installment, I do have some problems with the Batman/Superman section of the book.  I mean since when does something being poison to someone mean that you better inject yourself with that poison if your going to fight it?  Everything that Batman did in this issue just seems like it would lead to almost instant death but what do I know?  Many artists this week like usual but if you've been reading this series from the beginning, I feel that the jump between artists for each story isn't as jarring as it was months ago.  I guess it just takes some getting used to and I'm far beyond that point now and I really enjoy what each artist brings to the table.  I'll see you next week as the world continues to end on Earth 2.

Bits and Pieces:

For the most part everything that was wrong with last week's issue wasn't repeated here and you could really get behind the story being told but I said for the most part because what's going down in that Superman/Batman section is just strange and even a little hard to swallow and that's coming from a long time comic book reader.  Besides for that though this is a great way to wash the taste of last week's issue out of your mouth and get back to World's End.



  1. never thought i'd say this from the grieving side...but....

    1. Ha ha ha, oh you son of a bitch! I don't know how that slipped past me. Perfect just perfect.

  2. So no one cares that they are about to commit planetary genocide of Apokolips?

    1. Well its apokolips...the planet is already on fire....what will a nuke do?

    2. The planet is dying anyway and Darkseid and his forces plan on converting Earth 2 into their new home so yeah, not really worried about Apokolips going boom.