Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Green Lantern Corps #38 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Van Jensen
Art By: Bernard Chang, Mirko Colak
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 15, 2015

Light The Dark

Now that GODHEAD is over and Hal Jordan has been put on leave back to Earth, it's time to see what the Guardians have in store for John Stewart........ Really though, I don't know why any of the Lanterns are taking orders from these Templar Guardians.  When they were first released from their prison they wanted nothing to do with leading the Green Lantern Corps and now it seems like they're calling all the shots and the Lanterns are falling back into old habits and just going along with it.  Didn't Kyle or Carol spill the beans that these little blue guys spent months lying to them and keeping Kyle still being alive?  I just don't get what these Guardians are doing back with the Corps or why anyone is doing anything they say.  Okay, I think that's enough complaining, let's see what a post GODHEAD John Stewart is up to these days.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with John Stewart flying around Mogo just clearing his mind and thinking about what the future holds for the Corps when the Guardians show up to offer him the position of leader of the Corps in Hal Jordan's absence.  At first John's a little pissed because they offer him the job only after Hal is away but it's smoothed over when the Guardians tell him that they didn't doubt his ability to lead when they put Hal in charge, they only doubted his ability to feel and now they see that John's just a big lump of feelings.......... I really think it's due to his new piece of jewelry that we haven't seen since he acquired it.  I'm talking about the Star Sapphire ring that I got really pissed about not seeing a bunch of issues ago but here he is sporting it like a Sapphire loving champ.  Even though I'd love to see John leading the Corps, he turns the position down and he heads off to attend a graduation...........or promotion....... He's watching the Lantern rookies become actual Corpsmen.......Damn, words are hard.

It's time for the rookies we saw join the Corps way back at the beginning of Uprising get their lantern symbols and I don't know if these were supposed to be bigger characters or if they just got lost in the shuffle of giant crossover after giant crossover but for the life of me I couldn't tell you their names without looking them up first.  Hopefully they get to shine in this new story arc and they can get the recognition they me remembering their names.  After the oath is spoken and everyone throws their graduation hats in the air we jump right back into a threat that only the Green Lanterns can address...... Well they're happy to address it because they need to get people back on the Green Lantern bandwagon.  It seems that the former rookie Feska's people have come to Mogo to see if the Green Lanterns would be able to go back to their home planet Zarox and drive the Shadow Market off their planet.  At first it seems that this is going to be a simple fly in, ring sling and be done the mission because a criminal element called the Shadow Market seems like nothing.  Believe me, it's not nothing.

Now if you remember Feska left a mother and a son behind on Zarox when the ring recruited her, so getting back and making sure that her family is safe is something that she can really get behind.  Once the Corps team shows up they slap around a simple pusher to get the info on the big bad and make their way to the boss Ocula's stronghold...........That's where everything gets weird and bad.  You see, when the Lanterns subdued the alien mobsters...........they opened their mouths and giant black balls began rising and somehow began hurting our Lantern heroes......... I really don't know, the black balls coming out of their mouths confused me enough but then they started making sounds and tendrils started coming out and I was just happy that the scene moved on to the bad guys jumping out of the building and down to the Zaroxians below.  Now for a people that seem to want the bad guys off their planet they're sure quick to start repeating "Darkness Falls" in a cult like manner, so something tells me that something more sinister than crime is going on here.

After getting surrounded and attacked by the people they came to save, the Lanterns retreated to go find Feska's family and after the little reunion we hear disturbing things from Feska's son about monsters hiding in the shadows and how he can hear them.  That's the beginning of the Shadow Empire story and if that wasn't enough we also have Daggle.........Remember Daggle?  He's that Durlan Green Lantern that went off with the tracker Hunger Dog after Uprising to search for his lost partner.  I can't believe it either, I totally forgot about him and if he wasn't here I probably wouldn't have ever remembered him.  So while we have John Stewart and his team fighting shadow mobsters on Zarox, Daggle has gone to the moon of Ungara (Abin Sur's home world) where some kind of demon monsters greet him.  After they're dispatched, he tells Hunger Dog that he can go on his way and Daggle shape shifts into one of them and continues his search for his lost partner.

That's it for this issue of Green Lantern Corps and at this point I have no idea what to expect from this story.  We've got John Stewart fighting cult like aliens who have the ability to do something with black balls out of their mouths and we have Daggle............ Yeah, this issue didn't really win me over the way the last issue of Green Lantern did.  Crossovers are in the past and the future is ahead and apparently this future is a dark one that's full of monsters and it's really making sure that you know John is still rocking a Star Sapphire ring......... So expect that to come up at some point.  I'm going to keep an open mind on this because I want to read comics that I like but as of right now, this isn't the issue to get you into the story.......... or Daggle.  Also, I wasn't really digging Bernard Chang's art this issue.  For the most part it was fine but I found myself struggling to figure out what was going on at some parts.  So all in all, not the strongest issue to bring you back into the lives of the Green Lantern Corps.

Bits and Pieces:

While this issue is entertaining and it's exciting to see John Stewart get back into action in something that isn't a crossover epic,  This issue seems to fall short from the grand new status quo of the Corps that I was hoping for.  It's right back to action here and maybe I just have to give it some time but right now the villains are a weird bunch who I don't fully understand the extent of but I hope it all becomes clear and I can get fully on the Green Lantern Corps train again.  Right now though, I have to wait and see what comes next.


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