Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Swamp Thing #38 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Javi Pina, June Chung
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 7, 2015

Avatar Three Way!

Last issue of Swamp Thing we saw the Avatar of the Green getting ready for war......... Well we saw him doing some Swamp Fu on some apples but training was being done nonetheless.  It's a good thing too because the Machines found their Avatar in Lady Weeds and after machining her up, she went straight on the offensive against the Green by making pals with Miki the Avatar of the Grey and Arcane the former Avatar of the Rot.  If you think that's a fucked team well dig this, Arcane isn't joining alone.  No, he's packing the stolen bones of Alec Holland and the Machine Queen seems to have a plan on how to use them.  Let's check out how Swamp Thing will deal with this evil menage a trois.  

Explain It!:

The story begins really really really gross.  You know how I had that Avatar Three Way as my header?  Well I wasn't kidding.  It seems that Machine Queen, Arcane and Miki go and have themselves a three way and the act of their.......grossness gives birth to a Alec Holland that's given life through machines, rot and fungus........... Did I mention it was gross?.  During this.......act, Swamp Thing and Abby are being occupied by the machines..........I guess it's like a deadly do not disturb sign.  It's too bad that when Swamp Thing feels a disturbance in the Green force, he doesn't go and check it out immediately because he could of saved himself a lot of trouble down the line.  Instead Abby and him decide that they better go to the Machine Fortress to try and end their conflict peacefully.  I don't think the giant ass robots they meet will allow them the chance though.

Elsewhere, Machine Queen continues her machinations when they go after Swamp Thing's Sureen: Gaurav and even though this aid to the Avatar puts up a pretty good fight with his anti Avatar spells, the deadly trio's new member gross Alec Holland isn't a Avatar and he quickly subdues Gaurav.  With a little help of that zombie ant fungus doctored up to affect people, Miki puts Gaurav under her spell and to get Swamp Thing's full attention now they destroy his old home that Gaurav was keeping.  Even though Swamp Thing was fighting giant robots with Abby Arcane, he splits off and confronts the villains destroying his past and when he comes face to face with his pseudo doppelganger.........Well he totally screws over Abby.  Even though Swamp Thing would normally be able to be two places at once fighting the good fight, being confronted by his wrong former self shook him so terribly that his form fighting with Abby simply disintegrated right next to her, leaving her to fight the giant robots alone.  Dick move Swamp Thing, dick move.

In the end, while Swamp Thing fought off the wrong Alec Holland, the Avatar trio got Gaurav to open the portal to the Green for them and once inside Arcane begged to the Rot to give him his powers back to finally put a end to the Green and the Rot complies.  As the issue ends we see Arcane poisoning the Green and Swamp Thing feeling the affects.  Swamp Thing really can't catch a break this issue.

That's it for this issue of Swamp Thing and besides for the gross visuals and stuff I imagined on my own, this was an incredible issue.  I mean the Machine Queen is really turning out to be quite the big bad here and her plans are hitting Swamp Thing like no other before her.  I guess it doesn't hurt that she has Miki and Arcane in her pocket but man am I hyped to read the next issue after seeing all the terrible shit that Charles Soule could throw at Swamp Thing.  Javi Pina is on art this issue and man can he draw a hell of a book.  I love Jesus Saiz on this title but after reading this I really need to see more of Javi Pina in DC Comics.  Just a great issue to read and to sit slack jawed and stare at.  See you next month when we see what damage the Rot has actually done and hopefully some more Javi Pina.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

It's issues like this that shock me that Swamp Thing is actually coming to an end soon.  This was a great issue that just amps up all the action and suspense that we've already come accustomed to in this story arc.  If your not reading Swamp Thing then shame on you because you're missing out on an epic story of nature vs.............mechanical nurture?............Maybe not that but you're still missing out.  If the story weren't enough for you to spend the cover price then the art should persuade you because it's definitely worth the price alone.  Check it out. 


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