Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Green Arrow #38 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Andrew Kreisberg, Ben Sokolowski
Art By: Daniel Sampere, Jonathon Glapion
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 7, 2015

Emerald Knights

Last issue of Green Arrow we saw our Emerald Archer take on the dark archer Merlyn and man did he not have a good time there.  Green Arrow got his ass handed to him pretty bad before Merlyn recognized him giving us the impression that this is Tommy Merlyn and man is that a crazy callback to Green Arrow #0.  So Merlyn disappears and we find out that Mia Dearden is actually the daughter of the villainous John King and the reason he wants to get his hands on her besides the expected loving parent thing is because after Mia witnessed him kill her mother she downloaded all his secret stuff on a thumb drive and he doesn't want her doing anything stupid like leaking his secret stuff to the world.  So after Oliver has his girlfriend/assistant Zehra look after Mia, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity go aboard John King's blimp for a fundraiser where we learn that he knows who Oliver is and we learn that everyone works for John King when all the blimp aficionados stop what they're doing and throw our heroes off the side.  Don't worry about them though, they were saved by the Green Lantern.  The person you should be worried about is Zehra and Mia because John King's people found them and he doesn't seem like the understanding type.  Let's check out what this issue of Green Arrow has in store for us this month.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins right where we want it to, with Hal Jordan saving our heroes from falling to their deaths but it seems like the danger isn't over yet.  No, out of nowhere a mech bad guy shows up and starts shooting missiles everywhere and I'm immediately confused about where this screwhead came from.  I mean, I guess they could have had him up in the blimp waiting but it's just odd to me that he appears out of nowhere..... I guess the creators just wanted to showcase Arrow and Lantern fighting side by side and what kind of damage they could deal.  If that was the case then it works because we have Green Lantern forming Oliver's costume around him with a construct and they take the baddie down pretty fast.  I just wish they would of explained where the hell the bad guy came from.

Next we head over to where John King is keeping Mia and we have a little daddy daughter time and you can call me dim or slow or whatever but I'm kind of confused again.  It's the classic scenario where the bad guy has someone tied up and the hostage goes to spit in his face but here it seems like John King makes the spit stop in midair and lets it hang............. Now I've looked at this scene over and over and at first I thought that it just hit the wall behind him but from where they both are that doesn't make any sense..........so yeah, it seems like John King has some telekinesis going on.  So after the spit thing, we see on King's phone that Zehra is someplace else being hung upside down and before we can find out anything more about what's going on with King, he activates some of his agents at a hospital and they begin killing people.  Remember it seems that anyone in Seattle could be a agent of King, from the highest point in politics to the lowly hot dog vendor..........sorry if you vend hot dogs.  Looks like it's time that our heroes get back in action.

In the end, our heroes go to the hospital, run into Katana, fight the agents of King and save everyone and then Hal flies off to do his own thing..... I'm guessing his own thing is what we read in Green Lantern #38 this week.  It's too bad that Hal left so fast because it seems that John King has upped his game now and has his political agents go on television and put out a warrant for Green Arrow's arrest and that's not all our Mr. King is up to,  before the issue closes we see John King talking to Zehra and it seems he offers her the chance to die hanging upside down or pledge her allegiance to him........... Either way this goes, Oliver is going to have a bad time next issue.

That's it for this issue of Green Arrow and even though we had guest spots from Green Lantern and Katana...........There didn't seem to be much going on this issue.  I mean yeah, the heroes saved a bunch of people in a hospital but it's not what I expected with having the Green Lantern guest star.  All I can think is the writers knew that this issue was going to be a lull point in the story and filled it up with as many heroes as they could to try and mask it.  That's the way it feels at least.  Also, as far as I know Hal and Oliver really shouldn't even know each other except for that time that Oliver tried to join the Justice League way back in Justice League #8 and I don't remember them palling around there.  Pretty much I enjoyed seeing the two working together and having some fun with Katanna but that's all there is to this.  As for the artwork, I do see Sampere getting better and better as the months go by but really the most impressive thing I see from him are the women he draws.  Men sometimes come off looking like mongoloids but the women are knockouts every time he puts his pencil to paper.  That's it for this issue of Green Arrow, make sure you're back next month as we find out the fate of Zehra and see if Katana is sticking around.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

As much as I like seeing Hal and Oliver work together, this team-up really just came off more like a gimmick to hide the fact that there wasn't much of a story.  I mean the bad guy's doing bad things but that isn't new and really doesn't warrant a cameo by Green Lantern and Katana.  Next month the bad guy is still going to be doing bad things and poor Ollie is going to have to deal with it without the help of constructs and banter.  Just not a strong installment to this new creative team's Green Arrow.


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