Friday, January 16, 2015

Top 5 Fridays: DC Comic Story Arcs That Should Be Made Into Animated Movies

Welcome back all you Weirdos, raise your hands if you've seen the new Justice League: Thone of Atlantis animated movie that dropped on digital download this week.......Okay put your hands down, I just realized what I asked.  The point is this new film has dropped and who doesn't love a good DC animated movie?  Now I haven't seen it yet because I'm a slacker but that doesn't mean everyone out there can't be watching this flick and spoiling the hell out of it for me.  While I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of the anime style that the newer New 52 animated movies have taken, I do love all the stories that have been told and it got me thinking about others that I'd like to see get made.  Really the rules of this list should have only New 52 stories listed because it seems that's the only ones that DC wants to produce and I'm not bitching here because I love them but I do want to list two that are from the old continuity just because I think they'd be awesome to see animated.  Enough jibber jabber, let's get to this week's Top 5 Fridays: DC Comic Story Arcs That Should Be Made Into Animated Movies.

#5.  Batman: Knightfall

Even though the Azrael Batman looks ridiculous and Batman has those gigantic ears, I have a soft spot for this story arc.  It was 1993 and a young pre-headband wearing Eric who loved Batman but had yet to read his comics began a journey that would continue to this day..........That's a fancy way of saying that this was the story that got me to start reading Batman comics.  My ten year old self was just blown away by Batman being injured to that extent by this unknown behemoth and having to turn over the mantle of the bat to someone else............ who would make the suit ridiculous but you couldn't tell me that back in the early 90's.  It had claws, robotics, pointy edges, enwrapping a bad attitude.  It was the 90's.  Even though Batman TAS tried to convey this story a little when they introduced Bane to the series, the scope of this story was never truly conveyed to my liking and even though it looks like we're only doing New 52 stories for future animated features, I would still love to see this story and relive the feeling I had as a child reading it for the first time.

#4.  Green Lantern: Parallax

Just like the #5 slot, this story holds a special place in my heart as well because it was the story that got me reading Green Lantern regularly.  Now I knew of Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns from the Super Friends and the occasional Green Lantern comic I would pick up but it was the epic tale of Emerald Twilight that got me hooked.  For this story to work as a movie there would have to be a lot of changes because for one thing we have all the changes that Geoff Johns made when he took over Green Lantern but really there's just a lot of history that would lead up to this.  I mean if there was no Death of Superman, there would be no Hal Jordan Parallax.  So the history is a problem but I would just love to see the Justice League go up against their former friend and also have the story introduce Kyle Rayner as the final Green Lantern.  Really it would just be a mess to try and write it so the casual audience could understand what was going on but this is definitely a story that I would love to see animated because of it's badassery and because of the nostalgia I feel whenever I pick up my Emerald Twilight trade.

#3. TIE! Superman: Krypton Returns Batman Incorporated

Yeah, I couldn't choose here because I think they would both be awesome choices for an animated movie.  First we get the entire Superman Family together to travel though time on Krypton to take on the being known as H'El (We don't have to talk about H'El On Earth for this to work).  All the exposition a audience would need could be summed up in a quick flashback by the space Oracle and we'd be on our way to some Superman, Supergirl, Superboy time traveling fun.  It could even end with Superboy sacrificing himself like at the end of the story and we can have a post credits scene showing him alive and with the Oracle.  Really this is an excuse to get Supergirl and Superboy featured more but I think it could be cool.  Next we have Batman recruiting out to take on Talia Al'Ghul and Leviathan.  Really if you print Batman on anything it will sell but showing us the Batmen across the world and the death of Damian Wayne would just be epic to see.  All we have to do is change the ending where Kathy Kane kills Talia because that shit didn't make sense to me so everyone else would be lost.  Now don't get pissed, when I say everyone else I mean people that don't read the comics.  I'm sure you understood the ending just fine..............You're money baby don't ever change.

#2.  Justice League: Forever Evil

Like some others on this list, some of the story has to be tweaked so it will make sense for a movie, like Trinity War and Pandora will have to be cut out, but a story about the Crime Syndicate taking over the world and the villains having to save the day because the Justice League are M.I.A., that's just gold.  I'm sure I realized this before but after watching Assault on Arkham I really had the fact that DC animated movies were getting pretty violent and risque nailed into my head.  With that I figure anyone of these stories, be they violent or not could mirror everything we've seen on the printed page.  Really I'm just looking for Captain Cold to shatter Johnny Quick's leg and then witness the wrath of Mazahs.  Forever Evil was one of my favorite stories to come out of the New 52 and seeing it animated just seems like something that everyone could get behind..........I mean, who doesn't love villains?

#1.  Batman: Death of The Family

Now I know when anyone out there thinks of what they'd like to see made into a animated flick from the New 52, Death of The Family is going to be at the top of their lists.  Court of the Owls doesn't count anymore because it's coming, so stop shouting at me!  Seriously though, this story was so fucked up and nail bitingly suspenseful that it deserves to be at the top of everyone's list.  Some might say that the end was anti-climactic and you might be right but the majority of the story was so epic that I saw a bunch of people who didn't read comics anymore come back because of it.  Look at that face and tell me that you don't want to see that animated and voiced by Mark Hamill,  If not for any other reason I want this to be made into a animated flick so I can show people who don't know faceless Joker, so I can hear them gasp when they finally see him.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays, I hope that this list has inspired or reminded people to go and check out Justice League: Throne of Atlantis because............. I really want them to make money so they keep getting made.  Drop us a line if you have anything that you'd love to see made into an animated flick and have yourselves a awesome and safe weekend.  See you in seven.  Boosh!


  1. Gahhh i was gonna suggest that to yah! XD
    5: Justice League: The Villains Journey
    i said it in your top 5 villains, I loved the creation of Graves. This character is a prime example of what is the downside of the league: The Aftermath of one of their battles.
    4: Forever evil
    Name a dc animated movie with a villain as the lead...Assault on Arkham...thats it. Think of the epicness that would revolve if they had Ron perlman as deathstroke, Clancy brown as Lex Luthor and gather any other animated series voices to take down the crime syndicate. Though seeing bizarro die in animation might break my heart worse.
    This might be a little newer for the taste of most, but think of the new gods(not just apokolips) in a dc movie. Unfortunately the only way tis would work is if number 2 was a movie
    2:Blackest night
    1: Earth 2: The Gathering
    A lot of people love earth 2, even with the failing weekly series. We need a movie of the NEW Trinity(Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Kendra Saunders) going up against the threat of Solomon Grundy. The only thing is that it might be hard to sell to the public:/

    runners up:
    Green Arrow: Outsiders War. Green Arrow needs an animated movie and i think this could be a nice epic centered on family. Also Stephen Amell could voice since he aint busy XD

    New 52 Wonder Woman: This I think would be best as a 2 part epic like TDKR 2 part. A pair of movies centered on Wonder Woman fighting the first born and protecting Zola and Zeke

    1. I will take full credit for coming up with this subject (among others while we are bored at work) and while we were discussing it, Wonder Woman and Godhead came up, but we did think Godhead was too new and Wonder Woman is too epic...though maybe a two-parter would solve it.

      My pick is a 4-part Rotworld movie set and a Catwoman "Race of Thieves" movie!

    2. Rotworld would be epic. there hasn't been a swampthing animated movie has there?

    3. Jim you are a fan of Anna nocenti's Catwoman run!!!!!!!

    4. That is Bizarro Jim and I assure you he means nothing he says.

    5. That is Bizarro Jim and I assure you he means nothing he says.

  2. Also: I DID watch the movie.
    Review is coming soon my fellow weird scientists!

    1. It didn't do justice to the source material but it was enjoyable nevertheless

    2. I agree, mainly cuz like most of these movies they had to cut a lot to make room for a movie in about 75 minutes

  3. Batman inc and robin rises two parter would be pure awesome

  4. 5. Batman: Zero Year- I know we had Year One done a while ago, but I just loved the story.
    4. Green Lantern: Rebirth- I'm really surprised that this one hasn't seen film yet.
    3. Talon: The entire series- I really loved Talon, and I know it wasn't DC's biggest success film, but if DC want to keep milking the court of owls post BVR, I really want to see them go down this route.
    2. Battle for the Cowl- Frankly, I don't know how DC can resist the idea of three Robins competing over the right to become Batman.
    1. Nightwing: Zero Year- It's an odd choice for my No.1, but I can't describe how desperately I want to see a stand-alone Nightwing film- animated, live-action, or otherwise. Zero Year seems as good a choice as any,

    1. Honourable mention: Green Lantern- rise of the third army.

    2. It is hard to pick from the hundreds of recent Green Lantern crossovers