Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Earth 2: World's End #15 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Art By: Scott McDaniels, Eduardo Pansica, Paul Neary, R.B. Silva, Walden Wong, Jorge Jimenez, Robson Rocha, Guillermo Ortego, Tyler Kirkham, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Allen Passalaqua
Cover Price: $2.99

Release Date: January 15, 2015

No Montage?

Last week in Earth 2: World's End, we saw the death of Commander Khan as he tried to drive a bomb up Darkseid's ass but instead he found the traffic there jammed up by omega beams...........  Darkseid killed him if you don't get my gist.  In the Clone Labyrinth of Desaad our Superman/Batman heroes fought off the clones of the Avatar of the Red while the heroes tried to free the Avatar from it's restraints.........Oh and for some reason injecting Superman's blood that's poison to the clones into your neck will work like PCP.......I don't know ask Batman, he did it.  In Chicago, Dick Grayson got a lesson in fighting from Ted Grant before he found out that the train he put his son on derailed and Flash and Hawkgirl went to find out if Famine was still alive to try and get some offensive intel about the rest of the Furies.  Oh, and with their ship destroyed by Commander Khan driving it at Darkseid, Mister Terrific, Fury, Mister Miracle and Sandman said fuck it and detonated the nukes they placed on Apokolips but don't worry folks they used those light discs that the New God's fly on to somehow make a shield around them....... Oh yeah, some definite Weird Science going on there.  Let's see if any of this does any good in this week's issue.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins with us seeing the bombs on Apokolips having no affect and Mister Miracle's motherbox saying goodbye to Jimmy Olsen because it has to go pick up our heroes on Apokolips but as a consolation prize he's allowing Jimmy to be less than a god but more than a mere man.........I don't know what that means but after the motherbox departs, Jimmy tells Dr. Crain that before Commander Khan died he picked up a transmission from him talking about a ship that's in orbit; that can somehow save everyone...........I'm calling shenanigans because I saw that dude die and we wasn't saying anything about some ship ex machina.  Is it me or does it really seem that the writers realized that they are coming down to the wire with this series and have to just start making shit happen so they can end it?

Over in London, we find out that Famine is indeed still alive and totally willing to sell out her former sisters now that she isn't under the control of Darkseid.  So with the new information, Flash speeds his way over to the Avatar fight and tells Alan that War is a Tamaran and they need to be in the sunlight, Pestilence is a Czarnian and they have a healing factor and Death is a Martian and they don't like fire.  With this new information Alan leads his Avatar forces to strike against their enemies and at first it looks like it's working and then I realize that Azathoth is still alive and curse a little bit because I really swore that Huntress killed him a couple issues ago and then I really start to curse because out of nowhere the Furies take back the upper hand and all Alan can do is look to the sky and say how they really need the Avatar of the Red....................... WTF?!  

Over in Chicago, Dick goes down into the derailed train to see if his son is there and alive but all he finds are thugs looking to rob him and you know what?  We didn't get a freaking montage showing us Dick training and at this point that's all I want out of life because after Dick got that single fighting lesson from Ted Grant, he's freaking Bruce Lee all of a sudden.  He brutally takes out a bunch of dudes and then goes on to search for his son.............again, WTF?!  I'm trying to give the writers an easy way out with this whole montage thing because with that I could at least suspend disbelief.  This just tells me that I could go take a single karate class and then go into a biker bar and start calling people pussies......... All I needed was a simple montage scene.

Finally we go down to Desaad's Clone Labyrinth to the only part of the book that I really like.  I still don't know what Batman was doing last issue injecting himself with Superman's blood and this issue certainly does nothing to tell me about it but it still manages to be a good section to this book even without explaining itself.  Superman being powerless is told to keep out of the fight and really he's so weak he couldn't join the fight if he wanted to.  Instead Clark does the only thing that he can do to save his family from the Avatar clones.  With the knowledge that his blood is poison to the clones, he puts himself into a machine that for some reason he knows will take his blood and somehow turn it into a green poison gas and kills all the clones.  Even with all the questions I have about how and why Desaad has a machine like this and how Clark knows how to use it, it still manages to be a really touching scene where Superman saved everyone one last time and we end this issue with his friends and family standing over the world's greatest superhero.

That's it for this week's issue of World's End and man I have no idea what the writers of this book are thinking.  It's almost like they want us to hate them because they keep smacking us in the face and talking shit about our mothers..............Well maybe they aren't doing that but they are certainly not thinking much about the people that read this book.  Just like two weeks ago it seems that things are just happening "because" and at this point I think the "because" is due to them realizing that shit needs to be wrapped up soon and they have all these loose ends skipping about all willy nilly..........I assure you that loose ends do skip like that.  Nothing to say about the art except the usual, many artists doing their best to tell a good story and they might really succeed one of these days if only the writers would allow them to.  See you next week to see if the book's in a fighting mood and wants to slap us across the face again.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

How did we get here?  The Earth 2 stories had such promise when they were first announced and now here we are getting schlock week after week with only the briefest of intermissions where a decent chapter can squeak though.  At this point it seems like the only purpose to this book is to meet it's ending date because man are they rushing the hell out of this supposedly epic story.



  1. 2 things that i wanted to help clear up:
    1: Azatoth did die a few issues ago, but if you forgot, hes an avatar. Like Alan dying after steppenwolf died, Avatars can live if the parliment gives them enough power...unfortunately Blue seems to be done so....Azatoth might have bitten the dust for good.
    2: the machine clark uses he's been in one before, in the first attempts to create his own clones(the fucked up ones) I believe it didnt mean to create a gas, it just overloaded. the bigger thing im questioning is why is Desaad going YES to the fact that his only defenses just died

    1. Remember how long it took for Alan Scott to come back when he was killed? Hell we even got to see him come back, Azathoth on the other hand had a giant hole shot through him and he's back in what looks like ten minutes. With the Clark bit, I can't say that just because he was in that machine before that he would know how to use it. These are all leaps and bounds and we shouldn't have to come up with reasons why something happened....... we should know.

    2. Well Alan came back from nothing XD

    3. also random side note: I kinda find it funny that on prime earth the avatar of the Red(animal man) looks normal and green(swampthing) looks like a monster, while on earth 2 its the opposite

  2. I think earth 2 will be rebooted after convergence

    1. While I don't want this to be Earth 2, I think if they rebooted it I'd be even more pissed off because of the time I've invested in these characters.

    2. Maybe they use time travel or something and bring us back to #26?

    3. Re: Batman shooting up with Superman's blood last issue. I work with heroin addicts in recovery. an addict in the midst of physical withdrawal will inject ANY alternative, unknown substance into their veins if they think there is even a slight chance that it will ease their pain. To a junkie going cold turkey, death is preferable to withdrawal (and don't let anyone tell you differently, withdrawal is brutal and can last for a good week before the addict even notices any symptomatic improvement...I've seen it and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy). So, Batman's actions are pretty common for a junkie in full-blown physical withdrawal.

      That being said, the quality of writing in this book makes me think it wasn'tmeant that Batman's actions were less a testament to his suffering and more a byproduct of bad writing.