Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tom Hardy Drops Out of Suicide Squad

The Hollywood Reporter got the exclusive that actor Tom Hardy has dropped out of villain filled Suicide Squad movie scheduled to be released August 5, 2016.  Apparently it's due to scheduling conflicts and not the dreaded "This script is horrible!", that I'm always worried about when I hear that people are bailing on a project.  Since the actor is out, apparently the person who has been offered to fill his role of Rick Flagg is the lead of that very disappointing film Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal ..........disappointing in the fact that I was really hoping for a "BAMF" but that's just me.  Now while I'm not really going to the theater to see Rick Flagg in this upcoming flick, I do have to say that Hardy fits the role a lot better than Bubble Boy in my opinion but I was also a naysayer to Heath Ledger playing the Joker, so it's possible I don't know shit.  Hopefully this isn't a precursor of things to come in the shooting of Suicide Squad.


  1. Yeah, no offense to gyllenhal cuz he does a fantastic job when he acts, he just doesn't seem like a combat guy. Flagg is supposed to be a Soldier...if anything i'd see gyllenhal as Steve Trevor

  2. Jake was amazing in nightcrawler and Eric check out source code ..he is a pretty decent action hero too but I would have preferred him to play joker though....this dude was creepy as hell in nightcrawler

    1. I've seen Source Code and it was alright but it was one of those flicks that I'll probably never watch again and I haven't seen Nightcrawler but like I said in the news, when the previews first hit television I was doing something and wasn't paying attention except for when they said Nightcrawler and I got all excited..........Then I realized I was an idiot. It's funny to me too because in the world we live in it would never be like when I was a kid and a superhero movie trailer would come out and I hadn't heard about it. Hell the last trailer I think I saw that got me really excited because I hadn't heard about it was the Scoobie Doo trailer.............because it made it seem like it was a new Batman. I think I lost my train of thought. All I'm saying is I see Hardy more as Rick Flagg then I do Gyllanhaal.