Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arrow Season 3 episode 11 "Midnight City" Review

Pushed out of the Canary Nest

Brick is coming down hard with his plan on taking over the Glades, and not even the police can stop him. Only issue is that the one person everyone thinks can beat him is "no longer with us". So who do we turn to? Who will save the Glades? Enter the new Canary! Thats right after three seasons, we see Laurel put on the leather jacket. To honor her sister's memory, she has become something else. That being said, maybe it wasn't the best idea logically to have your first night on the job going up against Vinnie Jones. Thankfully while she and Arsenal fight against Brick, Oliver is making a speedier recovery than I imagined and will be rejoining the crew quite soon. Enough of the dawdling, lets get started!

This episode had great moments across the board, but the biggest stand out to me was with Laurel's character. This was her first time out as the Canary, and with that inexperience, she messed up quite badly. Now as much as I don't like seeing our characters get beat down, it would make sense for her. I would not have been a fan if they just had her kick ass right out the gate. As a new vigilante, she should be bound to mess up, and boy did she. After losing someone she was trying to save, she breaks down, questioning her abilities and says, well as Roy says to her. This is a perfect first episode to not just Canary but to any vigilante's first night. They should never be amazing out the gate, that way we can see them grow. Other than Laurel, we see Ray flesh out more of his goals for the A.T.O.M. project. He finally realizes that doing this for revenge might not be what this city needs.

I could go into how well the story with how Oliver survived with the power of will(GET THAT MAN A GREEN LANTERN RING!) or how Ray has come to grips with his future as a hero. However the main story of the episode was the fact this was Laurel's first actual mission. All the storylines are very good, but Laurel's first mission shined brightest. It was filled with emotion, action, and excitement; all the things needed for an episode. Brick declaring essentially martial law on all of the glades made me realize how much we needed the Arrow back. Roy, Diggle, and Laurel can only do so much after all. The flashbacks were a bit quick, but made me want to learn more about what happened to the family. We had a conflict between Thea and now scared Malcolm, but that was nothing more than set up towards next weeks episode. There is also a major twist near the end that made me actually rewind to make sure what I saw was real.

Final Verdict
This episode was a fantastic balance of not only action, but also emotion. This was a great first episode going full Canary, showing the downside of an untrained vigilante, and the weight it bears. Oliver is coming back sooner than I expected, but the war that is coming has me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for the next episode for the conclusion of this arc.

Yes, I know this is extremely late. To make up for it though here is the first look at the A.T.O.M. suit
Don't lie. You think its awesome too.

That was my review to episode 11! What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and I'll see you...sooner than later


  1. So how is atom going to protect his secret identity? By wearing mascara like arrow did in season 1?

    1. IMO i have a few ideas
      1: the visor darkens
      2: some tech to disguise his face and voice
      3: he gives no craps about people knowing his identity like iron man

    2. Maybe its a one way visor I.e. we can see his face but no one else can but I hope its #3

    3. I hope its not, because that would feel way too iron-man esque for my taste