Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Injustice: Year Three #19 Review

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Mike S. Miller
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 3. 2015

Face to Foot Style, How'd You Like It?

I have enjoyed Brian Buccellato's run on Injustice so far, but last issue was by far his best.  It had the requisite action and mayhem,  some much needed humor and a kick-ass reveal at the end.  Yep, we finally find out who the Spectre is and I couldn't have been happier when I saw Mxyzptlk had been the one protecting Superman all Year long. Right after putting it down I couldn't wait to see what Buccellato would do to top such a great issue.  I guess the answer is with tons of beat 'em up action and another great new character entering the fray.

I've already said it once, but I'm sure I'll say it a bunch more times, I love Mxyzptlk.  I love Mxyzptlk.  See, I told you.  Having him show up is great on so many levels.  He can hold his own with Trigon, he makes me smile and why he's protecting Superman makes complete sense.  After this issue, I can add that he does a drop dead impression of Ricky Ricardo to the list.

I guess I should stop the Mxyzptlk love fest for a bit and actually discuss the issue.  While the little guy fights Trigon, Team Batman scrambles for a plan, but unfortunately, nobody has any great ideas.  Batwoman wants to get rid of the hostages and Harley steps up to the plate with another hilarious moment.  However, any talk has to be put on hold when Mxyzptlk brings Supes and his crew to the House of Mystery.

While I love the action in Injustice, I haven't been a fan of any of the full team battles so far.  This issue doesn't change my mind on that front, but that doesn't mean it was bad, just a bit underwhelming.  It isn't Buccellato's fault, it's just there are certain characters in this book that we know can't get too hurt, if you know what I mean.  The fight does end with Batman's squad on top...until the guest star arrives.  Constantine gets the one-liner, but from what we've seen previously, all of Team Batman is in big trouble.

I can't say that this issue topped last week's because it's a different kind of issue.  While last week's was about character development, this one was straight up action.  Sure, I prefer the former, but there is always room for the later.  This issue does set up a very interesting situation with both teams face-to-face and neither in the best of shape.  Of course, Batman's team may be in it a little worse.  I'm really interested to see what Batman does to get out of the situation.  I heard he has a plan for everything.

I was not a big fan of Mike S. Miller's art this issue.  I haven't had any problems with his previous issues, but this one just didn't hit the mark.  The action scenes were fine, but the character work was lack luster.  Maybe I'm used to Bruno Redondo's Constantine (which is awesome, by the way), but Miller's was not good at all.

Bits and Pieces:

This week's issue of Injustice was full of knock down, beat 'em up action and while the scenes were good enough, the issue as a whole was a tad disappointing after last week's character driven story.  We do get a guest star that again changes the power structure, but this issue was more setup than I expected.  It does set up something very interesting and for that, I can't wait until next week.  I just wish we got more in this issue.



  1. Maybe its cuz trigon is always seen as a serious villain, while Mxyzptlk can be seen more as a fun one...but I couldnt help but think to myself when reading this... "WHY HASN'T THIS MATCH UP HAPPENED SOONER?!"

    1. I agree! It was such a great matchup...I just wish Bruno Redondo did the art on it.