Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Flash season 1 episode 12 "Crazy for You" Review

Last week, our "Pied Piper" was captured and he revealed that not only that he knew what happened to Ronnie, but how he could be saved. This would clearly be weighing on the man who essentially killed the guy, even with the best of intentions. While Cisco tries to get the information out of Hartley, the Scarlet Speedster goes against someone quicker than the blink of an eye, Lashawn Baez. The metahuman broke her boyfriend out of prison through a special teleportation power. As much as I want to comment on the metahuman crisis this week's episode, the real goodness actually came outside the lab or the Flash costume. So we have good civilian side AND good metahuman side stories? LET'S FIND OUT!

Lets start out the character section with this week's metahuman. She did a pretty good job, though I have no reference to the original character of Peekaboo. I thought she was definitely better than the "Pied Piper" from last week's episode. She was in a relatable situation; All she wants is to spend her life with her boyfriend. Due to him owing a crime boss money, they turn into essentially Bonnie and Clyde. This actually worked due to the fact that whenever I saw them together, I legitimately thought they were a couple. The only time that snapped me out of that reality was in the episode's climax, to which the couple split. Another major character development was with Caitlin Snow. She wants to get out of the past, and move on. To attempt this, she joins Barry at a karaoke bar and we get introduced to Drunk Caitlin. Yes, she's as fun as it sounds. Let's just say fans of the "Snowbarry" ship will be pleasantly treated tonight. I know its not canon, but right now I'd prefer to see Caitlin and Barry together over him and Iris.

The story section will be dedicated only to some of the best part's of tonight's episode, and there really were quite a few awesome parts. Civilian side, we saw Barry and Caitlin getting out again like normal people was a nice breath from the over exposure of metahuman threats we've been having. Cisco having his moment of heroics was amazing, and actually made me hope he grows into the Vibe we know and love. He has been trying to find out what had happened Ronnie, and the way it was explained and showed was actually quite interesting. The greatest moment however didn't happen until the end.
John Wesley Shipp and Grant Gustin shared a moment between them as father and son. Henry spoke to barry about the flash and how, in a hypothetical situation,  proud he would be that his son is the flash and how he has been able to inspire people. It was sweet because not only was this a talk between father and son, but between the actors themselves. It felt like watching the torch being passed on between the Flash of the past and the Flash of the present. It left me smiling, truly satisfied with the episode.

This episode showed that you didn't need focus on the metahuman to have a good time. We had great character development, with a little treat for the pairing of Caitlin and Barry.  The metahuman this week was relatable, at least to me, and an improvement from the psychopaths of metahumans in the past. That moment between Henry and Barry was damn near the perfect cherry to top this sundae of an episode.

You readers deserve a reward...What's behind sewer door number 1!

First The Atom, now this...DC television got a lot more interesting!

That was my review for this weeks episode! What did you think of the episode? Leave a comment and i'll see you all next time!

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