Monday, February 2, 2015

He-Man: The Eternity War #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Pop Mhan, Mark Roberts
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 28, 2015

Snake Attack Sneak Attack!

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Last issue of Eternity War, we saw some bad shit go down with the Horde bringing Hordak back from Despondos and fusing him with the blood of He-Man....... What does this mean?  Well it means that Hordak forged himself a sword and claimed the power of Grayskull for himself........ So if Eternia didn't seem screwed before, it certainly does now.  Not to mention that Hordak wants to get his hands on two gems that could kill anyone in space and time.  As the last issue ended our heroes proclaimed that they would find and destroy these two gems but it might be a little harder than they imagined.  Skeletor made his grand re-entrance and we saw that he has the gem of Chaos..... These gems don't have any play at all in this issue, I just wanted to keep you fresh on the subject.  So let's check out this issue where our heroes make their first assault against Hordak.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with He-Man rallying up his troops, which is odd as hell since his army consists of Snake-Men.......... Apparently if you live long enough you'll see everything.  The plan is that He-Man and the Snake Men will perform a sneak attack on the Horde and reclaim Mount Zoar while Man-At-Arms becomes the first Eternian in space and takes out Hordak's orbital disruptor before it can go and Golden Eye everyone at the main battle.  How will Man-At-Arms do this you ask.  Well he's transformed Roboto into a mecha space suit and using a horde teleporter he plans to jaunt up to the eye in the sky and take it off the playing field.

The Snake-Men make short work of the Horde soldiers and it looks like the battle is pretty much in the bag until Mantenna sends out one his big guns........ that gun being a gigantic spider monster aptly named Spydor......... You gotta love He-Man names.  So we've got this giant spider taking out the Snake-Men when He-Man decides that the only way to take the monster out is to pull a Rico from Starship Troopers and get on top of it.......... but he loses his sword.  Now he has to do the only thing he can......... Kill the giant spider with his bare hands.  I half expected it to be like the end of Stephen King's IT, where He-Man and the Snake-Men start punching into it and eventually pull out it's heart and raise it above their heads in victory............  I'm actually not sure if I'm disappointed or not that the scene didn't happen, but it was close enough and our heroes reclaim Mount Zoar and the Snake-Men begin chanting He-Man.......... probably because they're terrified of him now that he just beat a giant spider to death with nothing but his hands........... Hell, I'm a little terrified so yeah, He-Man!  He-Man!

In the end, Man-At-Arms wearing Roboto gets to the orbital disruptor but after taking damage from the disruptor's defenses, Man-At-Arms realizes that he's not going to be able to go back home and that this mission is one way.  Our issue closes with the disruptor exploding and Man-At-Arms getting shot back down to Earth, where he burns up in the atmosphere.  This better not be the end of Duncan...... I can let Roboto go, but not Duncan!

That's it for this issue of He-Man: Eternity War and I have to tell you that I'm really happy about the way the story is being told.  Here we have a direct battle taking place on two fronts and not a hint of She-Ra or The Sorceress searching for the Chrono and Chaos gems.  I like that Dan Abnett is taking his time and giving us a whole story for an issue.  Now hopefully next month we might see some of the gem hunt and hopefully Man-At-Arms surviving his fall to Earth but really with only two issues into this Eternity War, I completely trust Dan Abnett, so he can do whatever he damn well pleases.  I'll read it and most likely love it.  Pop Mhan returns on art his month and it's always a good time when you have Pop Mhan on art.  He-Man and the other characters that encompass this universe never looked better than when they came alive under the skilled hand of this fantastic artist.  That's a little stroke action but he deserves it.  See you next month when we continue the war.

Bits and Pieces:

Every fan of He-Man should be reading this series.  Hell, if you've ever been curious about He-Man you should be reading this series because we're dealing with an epic war to take back Eternia and only two issues in I'm completely sold.  The writing is great, the art is fantastic........Definitely one of the best books that DC is putting out.  You need to get on the He-Man trolley.


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