Friday, February 6, 2015

DC Comics Announces 24 New Titles For June 2015


As we expected as we moved closer to Convergence and to the Summer, DC has announced 24 new titles to add to their line-up of comics in the New 52, but that's not all, they've also dropped some comics.  Pretty much, I have mixed feelings about it.

The 24 new titles are as follows with their creative teams.  The thing that I'm worried most about is Dan Didio saying that "story will trump continuity as we continue to empower creators to tell the best stories in the industry."  That to me sounds like a problem....... While I'm all for great stories, I initially passed on the New 52 because of it's lack of continuity that had already been established and I know that a lot of other fans bailed as well because of this.  Now if they just say the hell with continuity again after all of us New 52 fans have become entrenched in the stories........ Well that kind of pisses me off and sounds like lazy writing.  Hopefully this won't really affect anything and I'm making more of it than it is.

Batman Beyond - Written By: Dan Jurgens and Art By: Bernard Chang

This just makes perfect sense to me because Batman Beyond 2.0 was one of the best digital titles that DC put out before they cancelled it and I can't wait to see what Jurgens and Chang have for us with it.

Bat-Mite (6 Issues) - Written By: Dan Jurgens and Art By: Corin Howell

There isn't much for me to say about this...... It's Bat-Mite and it's only six issues.  I love minis so this should prove just to be a good time and this would be an example of possibly something that would exist outside of continuity and since it's Bat-Mite, I don't really care.

Bizarro (6 Issues) - Written By: Heath Corson and Art By: Gustavo Duarte

I can't say that I'm familiar with this creative team but I am happy that we can get a old school Bizarro story as a six issue mini.  Also this is one of those things that doesn't matter for continuity, even though I'd like to see Luthor's Bizarro from Forever Evil again........ Maybe in five years.

Black Canary - Written By: Brenden Fletcher and Art By: Annie Wu & Irene Koh

While I think that a Black Canary book could be really good, I think this will just be the Black Canary from the Batgirl books who's now in Burnside and has her own band........ Just not the Black Canary that I really want to see.

Constantine: The Hellblazer - Written By: Ming Doyle and Art By Riley Rossmo

So it looks like our New 52 Constantine has finally been booted........ or at least that's the way I see it.  I'm guessing that this will be more like the old Hellblazer series in the hopes of bringing back older fans, but like the minis this could exist outside of the New 52 continuity and go back to it's Vertigo roots............ Just speculation.............. I miss my continuity.

Cyborg - Written By David Walker and Art By Ivan Reis

This is a series that I've been begging DC to give us for years.  Definitely one of the high points of this announcement for me........ Plus with Ivan Reis on art, you know it's going to look great.

Dark Universe - Written By: James Tynion IV and Art By: Ming Doyle

I'm guessing with the cancellation of Justice League Dark........... that's right JLD is not on the ongoing list, that this will kind of be it's replacement of sorts.  I have no idea what this title will be about yet but with a name like Dark Universe............ I think it's safe to say that it will be Dark.

Green Lantern: Lost Army - Written By: Cullen Bunn and Art By Jesus Sais & Javi Pina

After the cancellation of Green Lantern Corps, New Guardians and Red Lanterns, you knew that DC was going to announce another Lantern title for June and I'm kind of pleasantly surprised that Cullen Bunn is on writing and Jesus Sais and Javi Pina are on art.  I love what all of these creators do.  I will say that when I saw army in the title though I had bad flashbacks to the Third Army........ Hopefully it won't be anything like that.

Doomed - Written By: Scott Lobdell and Art By: Javier Fernandez

Didn't we just have a big Doomed event?  Is there more story to tell?  I wasn't a big fan of that event and I'm not positive what this story will even be about but I guess we'll find out in June

Earth 2: Society - Written By: Daniel H. Wilson and Art By: Jorge Jimenez

This is what I've been waiting for since Earth 2 was originally announced.  The beginning of the Justice Society......... Man, I hope I'm not just jumping to conclusions.  Also like Constantine, it looks like Earth 2 is over and we'll just jump into this new title where our favorite Earth 2 Wonders will, I assume be forming their own team on the regular Earth.

Dr. Fate - Written By: Paul Levitz and Art By: Sonny Liew

This too is what I've been asking for.......... Solo books for our Earth 2 heroes sounds awesome, I'm just kind of pissed that it isn't the Earth 2 Green Lantern getting his own book, especially after this week's Earth 2 issue where Dr. Fate was just an asshole.......... I'm still going to read it though and be giddy as hell.

Harley Quinn/Power Girl ( 6 Issues) - Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner and Art By: Stephane Roux

The Harley Quinn and Power Girl team up was a lot of fun and I guess DC thought so too because it looks like the story between these two isn't over......... I'm really looking forward to this.

Justice League of America - Writing and Art By: Bryan Hitch

I was really excited when DC announced the JLA before, but then they turned out just to be a gimmick to get us to Forever Evil, which was kind of a let down........  But here it looks like it's the original New 52 team all back together, so what this will mean for the regular Justice League title?  I don't know.  Hopefully this will be in continuity so that I won't have to pull my hair out....... Yeah, that's a bit dramatic.

Justice League 3001 - Written By: Keith Giffen and Art By Howard Porter

This is one of Jim's favorite titles that DC is putting out right now and if you would have asked me when this title was announced if it was going to last, I would of laughed in your face........ Shows what I know.  This is a great title that I'm happy to have been wrong about.  What the next year of shenanigans that Keith Giffen has in store I can't wait to see.

Martian Manhunter - Written By: Rob Williams and Art By: Ben Oliver

I know of a lot of Martian Manhunter fans out there that will love that this title has been announced but I'm one of those few naysayers that doesn't think that Martian Manhunter can hold his own book.  Hopefully I'll be proven wrong though....... especially since I'll probably be reviewing it.  I'll go into this title optimistic.

Midnighter - Written By: Steve Orlando and Art By ACO

With his many appearances in Grayson as of late, I guess people are digging Midnighter as part of Spiral........ at least that's what the cover looks like.  Like his appearances with Secret Agent Dick, this should be fun.

Mystic U - Written By: Alisa Kwitney and Art By: N/A

It seems like DC has really gotten on this school kick lately with what's been going down with Supergirl, Batgirl and the newer title Gotham Academy.  I guess they figured they needed something for their magic uses.......... So watch out for the DC Hogwarts............ Man, I hope this is good.

Omega Men - Written By: Tom King and Art By: Alec Morgan

If you would of told me that Omega Men would have their own title before the Doom Patrol and Shazam, I would have told said you were crazy........... I gotta get off this being wrong streak.  There isn't a lot to say about the Omega Men, a team of aliens that will be hitting your comic shop shelves in June.  I'll hope for the best.

Prez - Art By: Mark Russell and Art By: Ben Caldwell

Like Didio said, trumping the continuity.......... but for Prez?  I'm guessing we'll get a modern look at Prez Rickard, the first teenage President.  It's supposed to be funny and maybe it will be, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

Red Hood/Arsenal - Written By: Scott Lobdell and Art By: Denis Medri

Just when I thought Red Hood and The Outlaws was getting good again it goes and changes on me.  Looks like Kori went and got herself around some better people after her alien rehab, but man will I miss her with these two.  I still have high hopes for this title though.

Robin, Son of Batman - Writing and Art By: Patrick Gleason

It really seems odd to me that we went through all those months of not having Robin in the Batman and Robin title and now that we've got him back Batman and Robin is cancelled........... That's about all the complaining that I'll do though because I do look forward to a straight Damian comic.  Batman and Robin will be missed though.  I'm really interested to see Patrick Gleason write this.

Section Eight ( 6 Issues) - Written By: Garth Ennis and Art By John McCrea

I really don't have much to say here.  This is a team of characters from Hitman and I was never a fan of Hitman so I don't know much about them.......... Ugh....... Hopefully it will be good.

Starfire - Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner and Art By: Emanuela Lupacchino

With the writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner I just assume that after Starfire goes and gets clean, she'll become silly like Harley Quinn.  Maybe that's not fair but after seeing the cover it really comes off as a alien Harley Quinn.  I could be wrong and I kind of hope I am.

We Are Robin - Written By: Lee Bermejo and Art By: Khary Randolph

When I first saw this title announced I thought that my pleas were finally heard and that DC was going to give us a straight up book with all the Robins......... but after seeing the cover it looks more like a off shoot of Wonder Girl's fanclub gang from Teen Titans........ So there goes that.  Again I hope it's good but I'm just disappointed because I went and got my hopes up.

So that's what we've got coming our way in June and for the most part, it's not bad.  Jim Lee stated that they're going for a broader audience with a lot of these books and you can see that from title like Prez, Starfire, Black Canary, Mystic U and so on.  It's just out of DC's comfort zone a bit and I'm just a little worried that books that I love will become like Batgirl which makes me feel like I'm too old for comics......... I really hope that that isn't the case but I'd need a DeLorean and enough road to make it up to 88 miles per hour to see the future.  For the most part you don't have to worry about any of your other titles that weren't cancelled before, but I have to wonder why at this point DC decided to cancel Supergirl, Justice League Dark, Batman and Robin and Red Hood and The Outlaws.  These just seem strange to me and other titles like Earth 2 and Constantine are being re-titled and re-numbered so at least you'll continue to get your fill out of those characters.  Poor, poor Supergirl.

I can't wait to see what these books are like and I'd just like to end this by saying..........


  1. I am sad to see Supergirl go but at the same time I am really excited about cyborg,black canary and midnighter!
    I really hope earth 2 becomes great again and prez sounds like a good idea tbh
    I think doomed will be a doom patrol book or something

    1. I don't know it's being written by Scott Lobdell who was the creator of Superman: Doomed, so I have to think that this is some kind of aftermath.

    2. Maybe a comic about a teenage doomsday?? God I hope that's not the case.. And is Dan jurgens a good writer?

    3. Yeah, I think Dan Jurgens is a good writer, he has more of an old school feel to his writing but that's nostalgic for me.

    4. I would have preferred kyle Higgins but whatever I hope DC announces batman beyond3.0

    5. I was hoping for Kyle Higgins on any book

  2. a few things:
    1: i'd like to point out I was the one who kicked in this news to eric like the annoying brat I am. :P
    2: I might have actually jumped up cheering seeing the Earth 2 reboot. I was a little afraid they were just going to flush them away...won't be the same without the whole crew though :< rip Al Pratt
    3: If omega men succeed where infinity man failed...ill be pissed

    1. Omega man will suffer the same fate so don't you worry.

    2. What's omega men about anyway?? Is it like gotg?

    3. So true. I was so the picture and I was like,discount guadians of the galaxy. But jokes aside does anyone know who the omega men are?

    4. Apparently their intergalltic freedom fighters...and the large rock man is named...Broot....*rages because they got rid of infinity man and the forever people and this is to fill that void*

    5. I figure that they'll come around as a replacement for the Green Lanterns because the Universe doesn't trust them anymore and the Omega Men will fill the role of protectors............ That's just speculation but that's how I see it happening

    6. If he says, "I am Broot", then "I am OUT!"

  3. My thoughts on some of the announcements
    Starfire: like the new costume(the one from RHOTOL looked too impractical in my opinion) and I hope her new direction well received by readers .
    Green latern lost army: glad that for a while any latern events may be held within 1-3 books(easier to follow ) .
    Robin: glad that Damian gets to have adventures without having his hand held ,but will miss BM&R very much
    Black canary: fist pumped my hand in the hair until I saw the writers name . I don't hate fletcher ,just worried that they may throw out all of dinah's skill and development if she remains in burnside or she moves to an equivalents (people forget that she is Ex black ops from team7).
    We are robin :May be great or may be reading about Tim or Damian's fans gushing over them.
    Midnighter: if it's like grayson , may be worth looking.
    Doomed: weird that they want to have a series brought about months after superman:doom ended.
    And all the other series look promising , but everyone shouldn't forget that so many of the new books during the new52 launch were interesting but were cancelled for various reasons so fingers crossed that the new titles don't flop

    1. Right now the only ones I can see flopping are Prez, Doomed, Omega men(and if they dont flop ill be pissed), Dr.Fate and Martian manhunter

    2. Just curious but whats so goood about infinity man? I read the first issues and thought it was OK but not gr8...but I have never read any other new god comic tbh pre52

    3. It's odd because I can't really pinpoint why I liked it. It may have been that it was just different and gave me a peek at a Kirby-esque New Gods story.

    4. I think that Doomed is an awful idea, nobodies going to read Midnighter and I too wish they would remember that Black Canary can kick ass.

    5. I would totally read midnighter.. I love his character in Grayson and its nice DC is giving a book to a lgbt character

    6. Personally I would have liked Alan Scott to have a book before midnighter but i digress. and Its strange...When I first read the first issue of forever people i was ready to put it down...then the next issue came along and i thought"well lets see where this goes"...okay ill stop next issue....i wonder if i can find any old comics with them etc. LIKE its strange but...SOMETHING wormed their way into my head. Maybe it was the fun of these new gods on earth, maybe it was their designs, im not sure...I'm just bitter that they cancel infinity man and then they have an odd ball team like Omega Men...

    7. I already claimed Midnighter to review so I guess there will be at least two of us reading...I just can't see anyone walking through a comic book shop and decide to give a midnighter book a try. And why does he look like Daredevils long lost twin brother?!?!

  4. A new Batman Beyond? Sign me up! Though the new writer has big shows to fill with Higgins' departure. Hope he delivers.

    But...why JUNE? What will I do until then? Live life? HA!

    1. the heck with living life, that takes too much time and effort! I can't wait to see what they do with Batman Beyond, but I agree that it's going to be hard to top Higgins