Monday, September 19, 2016

Black Panther #6 Review and **SPOILERS**

When a Great Plan Comes Together

Written By: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Art By: Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Laura Martin
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 14, 2016
Review By: Christian Faulds


T’Challa has been having problems recently within his country of Wakanda. The flames of revolution have started to consume the kingdom. T’Challa has been set up to fail, and had a smear campaign waged against him. However, you can’t keep the chosen of Bast down. Let us find dig in to see how he wrestles his way out of this situation.

Explain It!

This issue starts with T’Challa and his closest advisors getting briefed on the current state of affairs. It seems some time has passed since our last issue, since the man who started this revolution has gone so far as to address the UN with what T’Challa was “advised” to do, in an attempt to paint T’Challa as one of the world’s worst dictators. During this address, T’Challa reveals that he knows who is behind it all and waits to attack when the two instigators are together again. 

Hatut Zeraze troops are getting a Total War-esque style speech. They get attacked by T’Challa’s military, and there’s a cool “war is hell” scene where a trooper saves the Captain’s life and tries to say something badass, but is shot dead. They look like they are about to be overrun by T’Challa’s army, when Tetu and Zenzi show up and give T’Challa’s men a big case of the feels. Tetu and Zenzi take the soldiers prisoner, and the Hatut Zeraze pledge their help to Tetu and Zenzi. 

Later, T’Challa is skyping Tony Stark. T’Challa has asked for his help in verifying the origins of the tech that was found on the suicide bombers. After Tony confirms that it is indeed Zeke, he goes on a bit of a monologue about how Zeke is an old school type of villain who likes to monologue himself. I honestly liked this scene, anytime we get heroes helping other heroes it helps make the universe feel more real.

T’Challa prepares to take down the Big Bad Evil Guy of this 6-issue arc. As he makes his preparation, he talks about how, though his duties include being a king and the Black Panther, his real passion is science. It really highlights how smart he is, and his desire to always learn and study more. This is how I have always seen him: the philosopher king that Plato wrote about in The Republic. T’Challa injects some nanites into his blood that were invented by another bad ass king, Dr. Doom. 

We go back to Shuri and the lesson she is being taught in the Djalia. It gets a bit heavy-handed, as Shuri learns about a woman who was sold into slavery. A woman who, even though was a slave, always kept the hope of freedom in her heart. A woman who, when she had chance, freed herself from slavery. This story is something we have all heard before, and it wasn’t presented with anything new or different. It wasn’t wasted space, because I am pretty sure it is set up for future stories in this series, but it is a wasted opportunity to do something interesting.

T’Challa attacks The People, the movement at the heart of the rebellion. He puts up an awesome fight, but gets taken prisoner...which is all part of the plan. The nanites in his circulatory system record everything that T’Challa is seeing, and as the villain begins monologuing (just like Tony said he would), his words get sent to T’Challa’s people, who then broadcastin them all over the internet. The issue concludes by setting up some great things, since Luke Cage, Storm, Manifold and others are there reuniting The Crew. 

Bits and Pieces:

This is a pretty good issue. It wrapped up a sub-par arc, and set up something awesome. T’Challa is back to being a smart cookie, and Tony Stark plays a role. I hope the next arc and issue can start delivering on the seeds it has sown. 


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