Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trinity #1 Review

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Written by: Francis Manapul
Art by: Francis Manapul and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 21, 2016

There are only a couple of books that I've been waiting for to debut in Rebirth and this is one of them.For the longest time, Eric had claimed this for review, but the way the books fell, he was overloaded this week so I snatched it away from him.  I am a huge Francis  Manapul fan and I am so hoping that this book can take the place of Bryan Hitch's lackluster Justice League book.  Now that it's here, does it?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a voiceover that threw me off a bit before I realized it was Lois Lane talking.  It's all about Lois and Clark being parents and strangers on this earth, but it's also about the care that Clark has used to keep his family shielded.  Shielded from the good and the bad...until now.  It seems that Lois has invited Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince over for dinner.  Oh Snap!

While the beginning narration confused me at first, there is nothing confusing about the art in this book.  Francis Manapul is a freaking boss here and I could just sit and stare at the introductory pages of Wonder Woman and Batman.  Actually, I wish I could, but I have reviews to do!  Just believe me when I tell you that these first few pages are worth the price of admission alone...and it gets even better!

When Bruce and Diana arrive at the farm, Jon runs to answer the door, but gets excited after using his x-ray vision and heat visions both of the heroes.  It was a funny enough scene, but both Clark and Bruce's reactions bring it down a bit.  I understand Clark's concern, but Bruce is just a dick.  A concerned dick, but a dick nonetheless.

Things pick up again at dinner when Clark tells Jon a story about Batman protecting Robin by wearing a rainbow Bat Suit.  Yes, it's a direct reference to Detective Comics #241 (and also the Batman: Brave and the Bold homage) and I loved it!  I also love that Bruce claims he doesn't remember.  I know that Rebirth continuity is a pretzel (!), but I hope that Bruce is just embarrassed and angry!  As far as I go, it happened!

While Bruce and Clark argue about raising boys, something strange is going on in the barn outside. We leave that, however, to get a little New 52 Superman tribute (he's Unchained!) and Lois and Diana getting to know each other.  These scenes (especially Diana's story about Cheetah) really plant this book square into Rebirth and might even push those few not reading the awesome Rebirth Wonder Woman book to give it a try.

The issue ends with the Trinity actually enjoying each other's company and wondering what is in store in their collective futures.  The cliffhanger shows that it is something odd and very personal.  I am not really sure what we are really seeing, but it has me intrigued for the next issue.

I liked this issue as a start, but it really is just setup to get this story off the ground.  Francis Manapul gives us some New 52 recap, some Rebirth rundown and some pretty good character interactions to boot.  After finishing, however, I couldn't say a lot happened between the covers, but what we got was nice and will make me return for more.  It's not a Justice League replacement yet, but there is still hope.

All that being said, Francis Manapul puts on an art show in this issue.  I already mentioned the art above, but I don't care about repeating myself...Francis Manapul is a freaking boss!  This book goes up there as one of the best looking issues in Rebirth and the combination of pencils, colors, textures and panel layout is second to none.  Seriously, it looks totally fantastic!

Bits and Pieces:

Francis Manapul starts off his series, not with a bang, but by catching up the reader before moving forward.  He does a good job of getting these familiar strangers together and I am intrigued to see where it is all heading.  His art is simply incredible and I could spend a long time just staring at the pages he gives us here.  All in all, this was a good start to a series I now have high hopes for.



  1. This book jumped to the top of my stack. I've been excited for months and it didn't disappoint. I think this is a near perfect issue and I feel like it was written with my personal taste in mind. I could read a whole series about all five characters in this book out of costume, just talking and being themselves off duty. No punching, no villainy, no grunting, just five of the best characters in the DCU getting to know each other better.

    We get great comedic moments too. Wonder Woman brings a freaking wild boar as a gift? Perfect.

    Jon accidentally blasts Bruce with heat vision? Perfect.

    Clark embarrasses Bruce with an amusing anecdote? Cringe worthy...but perfect.

    The one complaint I've read in reviews is the quiet, subdued tone and that maybe not a lot goes on. Oh contraire! I believe this story is HUGELY important for the status of rebirth. At some point Jon, Lois, and most importantly Clark HAD to sit down and just meet Bruce and Diana. One dinner party can mean a lot. I also love that the women were the ones to organize the get together. Ain't that always the case? No way Bruce and Clark hang out off duty without some hand holding from the ladies.

    Overall I'd give this issue a 9/10. Although I can't imagine a more perfect comic book, I'm leaving room to grow. This is just the type of comic I want to read and I'm excited for what's ahead.

    1. I liked it a lot...I did think this is an issue that had to happen and was a great way to start the series. I did like the anecdote, but I have an idea little Eric Shea will have an issue with the whole continuity of it.

    2. ...and this issue goes so well with Superman #7

    3. It does! Two issues of the Smiths in one week? Thank you very much DC comics.

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  2. I really needed this issue. It slapped me in the face and was an awakening as to what exactly Rebirth is. All the promise of "return to legacy" meant something very different to me, and I needed Bruce to literally say to Clark, "I don't know you". I feel I can get over myself after reading this and move on to what DC has in store for the future. Gonna pour out a beer to that delicious pre-Flahpoint pretzel and move on.

  3. I guess you are already ahead of me as a Francis Manapul fan, but I thought it was impressive that he did the cover, inside art, and wrote the script!

  4. Been waiting for this forever and I love love love Francis Manapul, too! He's kababayan! If you know what that means without looking it up I'll be impressed. But even if you can look it up and figure it out, props to that, too!

    Between this and Superman #7, I got everything I could ask for this week! And I still have more books to read...

  5. I agree with all of you. This was one of the books I was most excited about when Rebirth was announced. I knew the art was going to be good, but I was surprised with just how good it was. And I'm glad they addressed the fact that these characters have been putting off meeting each other for too long. I was a little nervous about Manapul the writer, but I think the voices and tone of each character was perfect. I really like what this book is setting up, and since the Justice League book is complete garbage, this book has the potential to be something special.

  6. Great fun issue loved all the interactions the smith family is just awesome and john is so likeable and for anyone who didnt like this book it has rainbow batman come on, only problem and not really a problem is the last panel is that time travel is that this superman as a kid or n52 agian not a real problem just didnt need it the dinner party was more then enough