Saturday, September 24, 2016

Suicide Squad's Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Over and Out
Written by: Jai Nitz, Micheal Moreci
Art by: Cliff Richards, Oscar Bazaldua
Release Date: September 21, 2016

Do you want to know something about the characters of the Suicide Squad? In my mind, each of its members is set to fill out a particular type of story mold for me. If I want something more emotional, I look to Harley, Killer Croc, or in this case El Diablo as those characters are more sympathetic. For a roaring adventure, I look to Deadshot or Boomerang, because they're awesome when it comes to action. If writers can stick to these molds, then there's a good chance you'll get a decent score. If you can do something new with the character, you'll get a better one. However only one of these stories tries something new with their character. Not that it's a bad thing, in fact, one could argue it's better. What do I mean by that? Let's dive in so I can explain...

El Diablo: Parasite
Written by: Jai Nitz
Art by: Cliff Richards
Two weeks have gone by since El Diablo had joined the secret organization Checkmate and he honestly feels like he's making a difference. That changes when on his most recent mission, Parasite comes in to fight. However, this isn't the usual power hungry metahuman we know, but just a puppet for Amanda Waller to try and talk to her ex-squad member in an attempt to bring him back. Will El Diablo believe Amanda Waller's claims of Checkmate's dark side? Probably not.

I will say that while this may not be the emotional story I was hoping for like Deadshot's, I still find it an enjoying story that gives people a taste of Chato Santana. It does it's best to show off the character of El Diablo, even adding a fascinating new take on his powers, but the cost is slowing down the main plot. In the grand scheme of things, we have two fight scenes, one of which is within a mindscape, and when he wakes up, were done. Despite it feeling bogged down, the ending does make me curious about where this story is heading. Just like the story, the art was also a mixed bag. While there are some fantastic designs for characters with great colors, there were other times where the character's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their head, especially on El Diablo.
Overall, I thought it was entertaining, and I can't wait for next month's chapter. 


Boomerang: What Goes Around Comes Around
Written by: Micheal Moreci
Art by: Oscar Bazaldua
With the promise of being guided home, Boomerang joins forces with South American children who have been experimented on to fight against their oppressor, El Jaguar. What's in his way? An army of mind controlled metahumans! Will Boomerang finally get his chance to be a hero? Or will he be crushed... and burned... and electrocuted... Oh who are we kidding, he's dead meat.

I'm not afraid to admit it. I was wrong. The Captain Boomerang story turned out better than expected. That probably has to do with the fact it ends this issue. The writer didn't try to add a big conspiracy theory or deeper meaning. We wanted a fun Captain Boomerang story and for the most part, that's what we did get it. This small Adventure highlights what captain boomerang is best known for… Being a jerk who knows how to kick ass and take names. We even catch a glimpse of a kinder side to the rogue from down under, which still feels like a contradiction as I type this. When it comes to art, it does feel better than the last issue. Every action scene looks cinematic, highlighting the metahuman's powers in the fight against the army of El Jaguar. Even the power of Breaker looks legitimately cool thanks to the art.
It's colorful and fun, just like the rest of this short story. 

Bits and Pieces:
While the story closes for Boomerang in explosive fashion, the journey for El Diablo truly begins. We have great action in both stories, but El Diablo's pacing felt a bit off because of it. We have some great characterization, but where El Diablo built on the character, Boomerang just did what he did best. The thing that the two had in common though was their fantastic art. Whether it be the cinematic action scenes against El Jaguar or the excellent recreations of old characters fighting alongside our newest Agent of Checkmate, these stories are a delight to look at. Overall, this series has a flaw or two, but it's been fun along the way.


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