Thursday, September 22, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 09/21/16

We’ve Got You Covered

Yet another week of solid comics from the folks at DC Comics, and a lot of them were wrapped in swell covers! You want to see them all? You’ll have to dig through previews or go check them out at the store, I’m only going to do five here. But I do want to give a special mention to Trinity #1: while the regular edition’s cover was good, it didn’t make the list. But if this grouping was for comic book interiors, Trinity #1 would win, hands down! Absolutely gorgeous book, you should take a look. But don’t get too distracted yet, take a look at my best DC Comics covers of the week!

Aquaman #7 variant
Joshua Middleton
You could have told me this was Cliff Chiang and I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. Really like this flat art style in certain applications, though I don’t know if it would suit a whole issue.

Cyborg #1
Will Conrad
I am a sucker for these movie poster-inspired “throw everything at you” type images. The composition is really solid, and the best part is that it could be a poster for an epic science-fiction film or a pulp trade paperback bought at the airport.

Batman #7 variant
Tim Sale
Some people don’t like Tim Sale’s art, and I am not one of them. The negative space on this cover makes everything, really portrays Batman as being helpless before the gaping maw of a Monster Man.

Harley Quinn #4 variant
Bill Sienkiewicz
It doesn’t have a thing to do with the content of the issue, but this is a really nice piece of artwork. Looks almost like a Gustav Klimt painting. Is this comic book going to become an ad hoc Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy team-up book? I’m okay with that.

Green Arrow #7
W. Scott Forbes
This one takes me back to my candy raver days! *NNST NNST NNST NNST* :gesticulates wildly: The composition is good, the character rendering is nice, but the colors just blast off of this cover. At the shop, this thing shined like a diamond. If the object of a comic book cover is to catch your eye, mission accomplished with this one!


  1. Great covers. Personally my favorite cover might of actually been lthe superman covers, both the main and the variant. But especially that main cover. Very representative of the story both in it's simplicity and the focus not really being on Superman but on the family.

    1. The main cover was my sixth pick! Great composition on that one, and it is looks "classic."

  2. I love that Green Arrow cover. I can't remember what Batman cover it was but one of the variants I really didn't like.