Friday, September 23, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Questions I Was Left With In Injustice

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Top 5 Fridays! Well since Trinity has come out its time for a list of the times I've scratched- oh you readers know I'm kidding. This week injustice finished up, and I will say it's been one memorable ride. It's had its highs and lows. It's had moments where it had me tear up and moments where I screamed in anger(*cough cough* Constantine is a jerk). There's one other thing the series left me with nitpicking questions! Today's list will include SPOILERS for the Injustice series and is opinion based, so if you see something you don't like I apologize. Enough talk! Let's put on out thinking caps and jump back into the early years of Injustice one last time!

5: What happened to Black Lightning?
When I mention the insurgency, you might be thinking they only have four-ish members left: Batman, Lex, Barbara, and Harley on a very loose leash. However, in year one we started with quite a few members of our little band. Green Arrow and Black Canary came when they got a message from Bruce, along with Huntress, Batwoman, and I assume Martian Manhunter, and Captain Atom was sent by the President. So what's the problem? One guy didn't get a message, but a face to face meeting with the Bat himself: Jefferson Pierce, who for all intents and purposes, left the mantle of Black Lightning behind. Batman is able to convince him to rejoin the fight, but he didn't do much and then just vanished as year two began. So what happened? You don't have these coming out of retirement stories without a kick-ass moment of awesomeness. I bet there was meant to be something more for him but had to be cut because of his lack of popularity. Story-wise, I bet he was shaken after ollie's death and decided to come home to his family. It's not too big of a mystery, but it still interests me to this day. 

4: What happened to Captain Cold?
Now out of all the questions on this list, I hope that this one will be answered sooner than later, especially with Injustice 2 coming our way. In the final year, the rogues had agreed to work with Batman, until two were killed by Bizarro. Out of all the rogues, we saw very little of our favorite, and arguably most famous rogue over all five years of injustice. You'd expect the Insurgency would find him first, especially with the Flash being one of the Regime's most powerful allies. So after he escaped, what the hell happened to him? He could've rejoined his team and helped Batman. Hell, he could've come to the damn wake of Heatwave and Weather Wizard. But he just vanished.... Now people have noticed that one of the injustice weapons that hint characters is a gun very similar to Captain Cold's so I suspect he'll come into Injustice 2 and play his part. 

3: How did the Regime get Black Adam on their side?
While keeping on the topic of villains, Black Adam is one of my favorites in the DC universe. The guy has an ego the size of a house and rules a nation. In a way, he's a more magical based Doctor Doom. So with such a massive ego and power... How did the regime get him on their side? I mean by the sounds of it in-game he looks like he always supported it... But then we look back at year one and see it's not the case. In fact, he fought against the regime, and it took many of them to beat him. They held him down and forced him to return to his ancient form, something that Shazam knew could have been fatal. Not only did the regime defeat him, they just flat out humiliated him. With such a humiliating defeat, why would Black Adam align with the people who did this? We might never know... 

2: Is Etrigan still tied to Batman?
Etrigan is one of the most powerful characters on the magical side of DC. This was proven in the middle of year three when he was able to take down three fear lanterns, one of them being the man of steel. Only when he had Superman beaten up close was it revealed that Etrigan was tied to Batman. Bruce puts the man of steel to sleep, and the team goes their separate ways right? That may be how it looks, but how did that work for Jason Blood? Yes, I know in most stories the pair are forced upon one another, but when Blood died, Etrigan was distressed. Whether or not he liked him is irrelevant, but he lost his way to our world. Then halfway through the year, he and Batman become bound together.... Do you think Etrigan would just let this new host go so quickly? 

1: What about the Teen Titans?
To those who don't remember, after Superman declared the ceasefire, Superboy knew the whole thing was wrong and went off to take care of the Man of Steel. The pair fought, and despite the rest of the team trying to hold him back, Conner takes a blow to the ribs. This punch from Superman is proven near fatal, and without Kid Flash(who died in the Metropolis explosion), there's no way the Titans can get Conner to a hospital in time. Superman offers an alternative to the death, but it isn't much better. He will put the team in the Phantom Zone until he can bring the peace he offered to the world. It would keep the Titans out of his way, but save Superboy's life. The Titans reluctantly agree. Now let's jump ahead to the end of the injustice game, where the insurgency beat the Regime, and Superman is imprisoned... Nobody knows about the Titans. They are still trapped in the phantom zone. And if you think Superman is going to reveal that truth after he was beaten, then you don't know how far the Man of Steel has fallen. Hopefully, they return in the second Injustice game or its comic series. But for now... They're as good as gone... 

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! Do you have any questions that were left unanswered? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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