Monday, September 19, 2016

Uncanny Inhumans #13 Review and **SPOILERS** - Marvel Monday

Would You Like to Play a Nice Game of Chess?

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Carlos Pacheco, Kim Jacinto, Andy Owens, Antonio Fabela
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 14, 2016
Review By: Christian Faulds


Oh boy have the InHumans had a tough time lately. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man for those of you not in the know) had kidnapped Ulysses, which created tension between Tony and Queen Medusa and the rest of the InHumans. Queen Medusa, having saved Ulysses, decided to not hurt Stark further. Someone decided to use this opportunity, however, to fan the flames and stage a huge terrorist attack on Stark Tower. Queen Medusa teleported away to try and find the culprit, but this just made her and the rest of the InHumans look guilty when the Ultimates showed up. Who could benefit from all this, and how will the Ultimates deal with a guilty-looking Queen Medusa? Let’s find out…

Explain It!

We start off with an old fashioned stand-off: Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) commands the rest of the Ultimates to arrest Queen Medusa. Queen Medusa fails her diplomacy check, and then shit starts to get real. Lash tells his Queen that she doesn’t have to answer to these…Humans, and then LASHES out. This causes a full-out brawl, that is actually pretty cool to see and got me pumped. There’s an awesome panel where Black Panther is badass, not only kicking butt and taking names but also showing how sorry he is to have to do it. He tells Queen Medusa, “Forgive me Medusa, I am not convinced.” This happens after she tries to tell him while fighting him that she and her people are innocent. 

Black Bolt and Karnak are hanging out in the InHumans’ Throne Room, seemingly waiting for something. Reader and ISO are sitting outside the throne room talking about what has been going down the past couple of days. The rest of the InHumans are all on standby, waiting for the retaliation that is bound to come from Tony, considering all the attacks happening on his factories.

Back to Switzerland, and the awesome fight that is going down. Medusa gets the upper hand on Black Panther and slams him into the mountain. Medusa then goes to Lockjaw and, him being a good boy, he teleports Lash and all the Ultimates (save for Captain Marvel) to the Triskelion. Captain Marvel is nonplussed by this at first, but once Medusa tells her where they were sent, she calms down enough for another diplomacy check from Medusa. Medusa tells Carol that there is more going on here and that she needs to investigate. 

We see some shady stuff going on: Ol’ Maximus the Mad and Triton swimming under the ocean heading to a destroyed part of Attilan. There, they come upon some unguarded prison cells containing The Unspoken and Lineage. Maximus talks to them for a hot minute and then leaves proclaiming, “I’ll save you two for later.” 

Carol and Medusa come to an understanding: Carol gives Medusa two days to find out what is really going on, and after that she will go to the Triskelion willingly. Then after Carol leaves, Medusa then starts the speculation train and through that process she and her son know who to look for. 

Then we get to the best part of the comic: Old Maximus gets into an ancient, unguarded security room. He explains to Triton that, with the lockdown in effect, no one will be there to stop what he has planned. He further explains that, yes, people will die, but it is not a tragedy without death. This is awesome, you have to love a villain who has such a disregard for life. Maximus disengages the lockdown, which is noticed by Karnak, to which he says, “That is unexpected.” The issue ends with a scene of an army of Iron Man suits descending into New Attilan

Bits and Pieces:

This issue was pretty cool. It’s got a great cliffhanger and action throughout that really made me excited for what’s next. I am a sucker for a cool villain, and this issue gave us one. 


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