Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 89: Dc Rebirth Week 14, Comics and Daddy Issues

Week 14 of Rebirth is here and it's brought with it a TON of books!  A ton = 16 and Jim, Eric and Reggie tackle them, but who really comes out a winner?  They hope it's you!  Enjoy this long ass episode that hopefully will remain their longest for a long time! 

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Intro (0:00), News (28:14), Mail #1 (37:23), Branden's Marvel Minute: Old Man Logan #11 (1:01:27), Comic Reviews -See Below (1:09:29), Mail #2 (3:41:26), Mail #3 (5:59:23), Mail #4 (7:30:16), Cosmic Treadmill: Guy Gardner Warrior #29 (8:56:21)

DC Comic Books Reviewed: Detective Comics #940 (1:13:10),Action Comics #963 (2:05:48), All-Star Batman #2 (2:33:21), Wonder Woman #6 (3:06:28), Green Lanterns #6 (4:14:16), Flash #6 (4:47:35), Red Hood and The Outlaws #2 (5:18:52),New Super-Man #3 (5:33:10), Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #4 (6:19:56), Superwoman #2 (6:47:04), Teen Titans #16 (7:12:42), Suicide Squad #2 (7:53:42), Gotham Academy Second Semester #1 (8:22:48), Doom Patrol #1 (8:46:27), Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #2 (9:48:18), Deathstroke #2 (10:18:35), Earth 2: Society #16 (10:40:50)

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Unknown said...

Wow....Ok you guys did it. I can't possibly listen to this in one day. Can't wait to listen.

Jim Werner said...

lol...i actually thought of you when we realized how long it would be

Unknown said...

By the end of the year this will be a 24 hour podcast

Mule said...

Boomerang is not dead. He was simply transported to the Phantom Zone.... Without his feet because the outward beam did not cover his whole body. And he will not bleed out in the zone because no one ages in the zone.... And so he can be released at any time any receive medical attention to save him. Waller simply needs a projector..... Which I am sure she has stashed away somewhere.
....Or as you guy stated, maybe Mr. Oz has him..... Just like Oz extracted Doomsday when Superman appeared to send Doomsday to the Zone.
Either way, given the nature of the Phantom Zone and the possible Mr. Oz connection, there is no way Boomerang is dead.

Jim Werner said...

I don't think Oz has him. The Phantom zone will be the explanation I'm sure.

Jim Werner said...

lol...i actually thought of you when we realized how long it would be

Medowns78 said...

I've been listening for the last five hours at work with pee breaks over. and I can't stop listening over. I think it's going to take me three work days to finish listening. just too much coffee, got to go pee again over.

Eric Shea said...

Ha ha!

Eric Shea said...

Don't say such a thing!

jacksyattering said...

Hey guys - just a bit of helpful info from a fellow continuity nut...with regards to The Great Ten: they do not repeatedly die and get reborn. Team member, Mother of Champions, DOES give birth to soldiers who only live, something like, a week before dying. It's a Grant Morrison-like play on Multiplex. It was these "members" that Dr. Omen was using in her Super-Man experiments.

Loved the show this makes me look forward to my commute.