Monday, September 19, 2016

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #4 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

From Now On, I’m Betting On Myself

Written By: Christos Gage
Art By: Travel Foreman, Rain Beredo
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 19, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

In my last review of this book, I stated that I wish this book was the main Civil War II event book rather than a tie-in miniseries. The reason why I said that is because this miniseries has been incredibly well written and has shown both sides of the debate in a thorough way that has impressed me. Issue #3 continued to build upon the story that Gage has written and the art team continued to make beautiful panels. I’ve been singing the praises of this book for a reason and now that we’ve arrived at the final issue, my expectations are incredibly high. Will the creative team stick the landing with this book? Let’s find out.

The issue begins in the aftermath of Clash and Spider-Man’s fight where they have instead turned on each other. Clayton is feeling used and betrayed and so he is accepting his role as the villain. Spider-Man attempts to stop Clayton the way he has in the past but Clayton has upgraded his tech and is able to easily overcome Spider-Man. Clash is easily able to overcome Spider-Man and has him pinned but Peter is able to talk him down. Clash is still struggling after hearing about the vision that Ulysses had. Peter seems like he is getting through to him when they are suddenly interrupted.

Stromm has found a way out and attacks both Spider-Man and Clash. Spider-Man looks to Clash for help but rather than aid him, Clayton chooses to fly off and leave Spider-Man on his own. Spider-Man tries again to reach Clash but he is hindered by Stromm and Clayton gets away before Peter is able to defeat Stromm. Back at Parker Industries, Spider-Man meets with Ulysses and the two discuss the future. Clayton mentions the job offer that Spider-Man gave to him in an earlier issue and Spider-Man tells him that he unfortunately has to withdraw the offer. He couldn’t use Ulysses abilities because it would give him an unfair advantage over the rest of his competition.

Ulysses returns to the Inhumans before he meets up with Captian Marvel once again. She asks him questions about what he thinks about Ulysses and his powers. Spider-Man wants to make sure that things are handled correctly but he agrees to join her. She warns him that this may lead to him fighting against other heroes including Iron Man. Spider-Man meets with Ulysses one last time and Ulysses definitely seems to have grown. The issue ends though, with a look at Clash who standing in his old bar. He’s back into crime but this time he’s not going to be someone’s henchman. Instead, he’s going to be his own boss. The crowd at the bar chants his name and this is where the series ends.

Compared to the rest of the series, this issue falls a little flat which is a bit of a problem since it is the climax of the story. That said, I still very much enjoyed reading it and I stand by what I said. This series should have been the main Civil War II story rather than a miniseries. Sure, the ending is a bit lackluster and aside from one big fight scene, not much happens but I enjoyed it and in the end that’s what really matters.

Bits and Pieces

This issue doesn’t really live up to the impressive story that we’ve gotten so far but ultimately it wraps everything up fairly well and still provides an entertaining read for any reader. The art is really nice to look at and I still believe that this book should have been bigger.



  1. but.. the utter disappointment... that Spidey is gonna be on the wrong side of Civil War??? but.. I wasn't reading back during the last Civil War... didn't he start on the wrong side then seen the light later? Painful.

    1. Not sure what you would consider to be the "right" side of the original Civil War but Spidey did start out on Iron Man's side and then later sided with Captain America. As far as this crossover, I don't really consider either side to be in the right. They both seem absolutely awful to me. Captain Marvel and Iron Man are the worst in Civil War II, which is a shame since I like both of those characters normall.