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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 Review

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3
Writer: Gerry Conway
Art Team: Ryan Stegman, Sonia Oback
Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 11, 2017

Spider Parents Just Don’t Understand

The Renew Your Vows story continues for Peter, Mary Jane, and Annie May Parker in this alternate universe “what if” tale from Marvel Comics.  So far, from issue one through issue two, we haven’t made much story progress. Instead the reader has received bits and pieces of the same tale, told from different points of view, of the Spider-Family. So let’s jump in here and see if we get more of the same, from the remaining member left out thus far, or if the Spider-Family tale finally pushes forward.

Off the bat, we join Anna May Parker in the middle of class and through the beginning of her day at Public School #71, in Upper East Side Manhattan.  We learn throughout this series of pages some interesting info about Annie May including that she’s a day dreamer, doodler, good natured, well mannered, bully hating, little girl just trying to blend in at school while not revealing her powers … per parental orders of course. Parents just don’t understand, I should know I am one!  

Towards the middle of the book, as Annie May is on recess, in the school yard, we get some interesting new information concerning the young characters power set.  It seems that young Annie’s spider-sense has evolved past the version her father has, providing the character a Ulysses-esque vision of future events, concerning her parents. This “warning” springs the young hero into action setting her in motion for the Regent building site, joining her parents and the stories events currently going down, which we’ve already seen in previous issues.    

In the last third of the book, we continue to see some of the same events and story beats repeat themselves, the difference this time they continue to occur from Annie May’s point of view this issue.  There are also a few new hints seeded of a young Osborn becoming enamored with our young hero in action which we didn’t see before, that I recall, despite his previous appearance. 
Things wrap up at the end of the issue in a much similar way as they have previously with the Mole Man having captured Peter and MJ and Annie arriving to rescue her parents. Now that all three of our main characters are setup and established in the series we should be able to move forward next issue finally.

Now although issue three was a lot of repeat information, the development of a young Annie May as a character and hero in general, was very interesting to me.  I like how they are distinguishing her power set apart from Peter’s, whose is very well established, because it provides the issue with a few surprises I didn’t expect coming.  Gerry Conway continues to write each character well, providing each with a few standout moments in the series so far, but next month I definitely need this story to take the next step to maintain interest going forward.

I love the art in this series as well so far. To me it has more of a classic 90’s type of feel, that gives this comic book a classic or throwback look that I enjoy. Ryan Stegman and Sonia Oback provide some great work to look at including a poster worthy splash page, if you’re an Annie May fan, as well as a stunningly drawn T-Rex throughout the series to boot. 

Bits and Pieces
Although the story has been stuck in neutral, this issue was my personal favorite of the three we’ve been given so far, providing information on a young Annie May readers previously weren’t privy to.  There is something for everyone in this title humor, action, even heart felt family moments, you could share this book with your girlfriend and she might not hate you. If you’re someone still upset about Brand New Day this title may help ease that pain.


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