Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Batman #15 Review

Up on the Rooftops

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerads and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 18, 2017

It is no surprise that I have been upset with the last couple issues of Batman.  I have been vocal about my disappointment over the way that I am Suicide ended and how the current Rooftops story began. While it was nice to see Bruce and Selina do the Cat and Bat-tusi, I wanted answers that we didn't get.  However, Catwoman did promise to tell Batman the whole truth come morning so I couldn't wait for this issue to arrive to see what's what.  Now that it's here, does it give me what I want and make everything alright?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Bruce and Selina in a very compromising position as they go back and forth about their history.  It's a really well played out scene with art that's appropriate for what is going on and also it's just kind of cute.  Of course, this is Gotham and things usually do get dark rather quickly and while this part ends quickly, we get a setup of where we are going...Holly Robinson.

While talking about the last issue on our podcast, Eric (you know, America's Sweetheart) was upset when Selina used the name Holly Robinson as an alias because he thought that took away from a great part of Catwoman's past.  Well, he can be happy that Holly is alive, but she is far from being well.

We find this out because as the morning comes, Catwoman runs.  Batman is visibly upset, but wasn't he the one who said she "always runs"?  Now, I think this is the beginning of Tom King showing us that Selina has thrown Batman off his game.  I didn't mention it before, but if you want to see a very human Bruce Wayne, one with real feelings, this is the issue for you.  However, if you want to see how those feelings have no place in Batman's world, you can stay as well.

Batman goes to Jim Gordon to admit he fucked up, but also to find out the who and where of the real Holly Robinson.  Getting the information he needs, he goes to have a chat with her about where Selina may be.  It is a short meeting and one that leaves Batman with more problems than answers.  This is the second instance of Batman not being the Batman we all know and love and until Catwoman shows up, I actually thought he was done for.

The issue ends with Selina keeping her promise to Batman...she explains exactly what happened to those 237 people who were murdered.  She is responsible, she's irresponsible and she's not responsible all in one.  It actually brings up some questions about whether Selina is doing the right thing in the long run, but it's also totally and completely awesome!

I want to thank Tom King.  Thank him for giving us back Catwoman, thank him for letting her and Bruce have a moment of love, but most importantly, thank him for restoring my faith in him.  How he turned this Rooftops story upside down (kind of like a Bat) and back around made me so happy and suddenly, I can't wait for the next issue of Batman again!

Mitch Gerads art fits the story so well here.  Whether it's the silver age flashback panels or the moody and dark present day stuff, it all looked fantastic.  Great job!

Bits and Pieces:

Selina may have stolen the night from Batman, but Tom King has given me back my enjoyment of Batman.  I loved this issue for everything in the book, but also because it restored my faith in Tom King.  I wonder how Catwoman fans will react, but this one is very, very happy.



  1. Great review totally agree ... I'm very nervous for Batman to face Venom Bane this way

  2. I really enjoyed this issue, so much better to me than the I Am Suicide story. One thing I would like to see more of is Bruce Wayne. I like to see what he does as Bruce as well as Batman and this story gave us a little bit (not much). I also liked the throwback to early Batman and Batman: Year One. I just made it through the first Batman omnibus, so for once I was able to recognize a reference (after all, I haven't been reading comics my whole life like America's Sweetheart - ;) The only thing that threw me off a little was almost at the end the Selina is talking about Holly, I thought we switched to a backup story for a minute but then realized we were still going.

    Not sure if I would go as far as agreeing that it restores my faith in Tom... I like his writing but it was disappointing not to to find out what happened with Gotham Girl after the last story wrapped. All in all, I agree this was a really good issue. Hopefully this means good things to come with the next story

    1. It restored my faith that King is at least tying things up again. Yes, he better tie up the Gotham Girl bit and fast, but what he's said, this arc was kind of last second and only meant to deal with Selina.

      I really think that they were shocked at people's reaction to catwoman and wanted to nip it in the bud

  3. The only criticism I have of this issue is that in the flashbacks, the yellow outline around the Bat Symbol on Batman's chest looks SO stupid. I wish Gerads could have gone a bit Neal Adams and sent an FU to Capullo (Brah!) by drawing a more classic costume for those scenes; but I guess you can't cross the Capullo without a lot of political clout with Mr. DC.