Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trinity #5 Review

Let the Sun Shine In

Written by: Francis Manapul
Art by: Francis Manapul and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 18, 2017

Trinity has been a hit or miss book for me and it pains me to say that I've been leaning towards the later lately.  It always looks fantastic, but the slow burn story devoid of real answers is trying my patience and while I know that this comic isn't written only for me, I can still act like it is. Is this the Black Mercy, the White Mercy, why is Mongul in the dream and what the heck is Poison Ivy gaining in all of this?  Tell Me!!!  So, does this issue give us a peek behind the curtain or are we still left out in the dark when it's all over?  Let's find out...

 The issue opens with a flashback to "Somewhen, back then" and while that sort of vagueness is starting to piss me off, once I saw Ivy, I calmed down a bit.  First off, the art is downright gorgeous and we do get the start of an idea about what is going on.

Back in the present, Lois is not so impressed with Ivy's story and Ivy counters with a zinger that calms my biggest fear of this arc so far...she doesn't know that she has captured the Trinity.  She does recognize "Billionaire Bruce Wayne", but Manapul makes it clear that she doesn't know who she really has captured in the barn.

Back in dreamworld, the Trinity are fighting Mongul and talking a whole lot of trash.  They can't really back it up and if it wasn't for the little gal (who we also saw in Ivy's dream), I think the three of them would be dead.  They use the opportunity to turn the tables, but it all ends when Mongul tells them the truth...they are all in his dream!  What What?!?

Manapul continues explaining things.  The little one is his child, the White Mercy, and she can channel the dreams and nightmares of this world.  Things were perfect until Poison Ivy used the Green to access the Black Mercy and Mongul hatched a plan.  I can't say I totally understand the plan...he used Ivy to get Superman and the Trinity and once he harnesses Superman's solar power, the White Mercy child will rule the world.

Back with Ivy, she explains to Lois and an awake Jon that the solar energy coming from the three will show her "daughter" the way home and as the issue ends, it looks like she is right.  Of course, that all fits in with Mongul's plan so they better do something soon or the world is doomed!

Finally, we get some answers.  I still am unsure exactly what Mongul's plan really is, but we did learn what this dream world is, what Ivy's role is in it and that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman better figure a way to stop the madness fast.  If Manapul clears things up a bit next issue we may have a good story on our hands!

While the story improved a bit, the art was stellar as usual.  This book can be enjoyed by just paging through it and looking at each panel.  It really does look great!

Bits and Pieces:

While this book continues to look fantastic, the story is still a bit convoluted and confusing.  Sure, we do get some answers we've been waiting for, but the big picture is still kind of hazy.  If it all clears up next issue, I'll be happy because somewhere in their is a very interesting story that is begging to come out.


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