Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PREVIEW: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #5

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Robson Rocha, Jay Leister, Daniel Henriques, Sandu Florea, Oclair Albert, Alex Sinclair, Jeremiah Skipper, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 18, 2017

[REDACTED] has finally obtained that which [REDACTED] has sought all this time—it’s the means to utterly [REDACTED] the Justice League forever. Now, only [REDACTED] and the Suicide Squad stand in [REDACTED] path of total world domination. No pressure!

Now that the Lost Prisoners are out of the picture, let's see what the next leg of Maxwell Lord's plan to save the world is.......... You know, besides for instituting a mandatory eclipse face for all Americans. 

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