Monday, January 16, 2017

Spider-Man/Deadpool #13 Review

Spider-Man/Deadpool #13
Writer: Joe Kelly
Art Team: Ed McGuinness
Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 11, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Paging Nurse Deadpool

Spider-Man/Deadpool has turned into a strange title for me, not because it’s written or drawn poorly, quite the contrary, it’s a very coherent story and some of Marvel’s best art, but the titles release schedule, for the “main story”, is so scattered and infrequent it’s coming off disjointed.  The many guest writers and artists helping publish this book monthly (4 different teams in total) have done an admirable job but its affecting my enjoyment level personally. With that being said I’m jumping back on reviewing the title here, because we’re back into the “main event”, and I’m hoping for an “over the plate home-run”. Let step into the “batters circle” shall we. (Disclaimer: Yes, I know all these baseball references are off what am I Eric Shea?)

Things start off with quite the WTF moment as we see an amalgam Spidey Deadpool character with some of Patient Zero’s bugs hanging off of him. It all turns out however to be a big goof, as we discover that Spider-Man and Deadpool were able to escape their plight from issue #10, with Deadpool teleporting them to what is literally “pocket universe” (WeirdWorld) to lick their wounds in preparation to encounter Itsy Bitsy again in the not too distant future.

As Spider-Man and Deadpool try to deduce how to take care of their new enemy, they are confronted by a WeirdWorld regular, who doesn’t much appreciate the duo hiding out here.  As our heroes deal with their latest problem they’ve stumbled into we treated to Spider-Man/Peter dealing with a crisis of his own, as he really questions his life decisions and direction, since dying and being resurrected at the hands of his “pal” Deadpool. 

The book ultimately takes a few unexpected and extremely strange turns, which I’m normally 100% on board with in my comic books, but even for WeirdWorld feels oddly out of place in this book and this is the point the issue lost me.  I feel like Peter makes a bunch of completely out of character decisions, even considered what he’s been through and where he is, and the book ends with a thud in my opinion as a result.  

The story picks back up for me with our cliffhanger ending, as Spidey and Deadpool finally end up returning home, only to find shit continues to hit the fan around them as Itsy Bitsy’s reign of terror continues. This is the aspect of the story I’m interested in and wish we got more off here throughout this issue but I guess I’ll have to wait until next month.

As far as story beats go this issue was mostly a miss for me.  However despite the concept of the story not being the issues strong point there was still plenty of comedy bits and plenty of humor to enjoy throughout the book that hits the mark.  The art by Ed McGuiness, when he’s on the title, is always a show stealer and something that never disappoints me personally.  Basically this issue has some great aspects I thoroughly enjoyed but when looked at as a whole feels like another throw away story when I’ve waited for three months to find out how our heroes will handle their latest dilemma.

Bits and Pieces

Overall this was an entertaining issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool that provides plenty of jokes and gags that hit the mark, while the art on the title continues to be something to follow, and a worthy selling point.   However we have a Peter Parker/Spider-Man in this series making decisions that feels very out of place, and although I understand it’s only part of his story, and crisis he’s going through, I don’t buy they’re decisions he’d ever consider making from years of reading the character. 


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