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Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Multiverse Earths I Want Continued

Welcome back to another multiversal Top 5 Fridays! This week we watched the Superman of earth prime join his fellow Superman of the multiverse in preparing to fight a threat against them all. If you are a long-time reader of the site, you probably know that I am a huge fan of the DC multiverse, so I have been excited for this current story arc when it was first seen in the solicitations. Reading the issue made me want to go back and take a look at one of my favorite series in the past few years, The Multiversity. While reading Grant Morrison's look into the New 52 Multiverse, it made me realize how few stories there actually are for most of the worlds that were presented to us. That's why in today's Top 5, I will be covering what Earths I believe should get a continuation of their stories. As always this is an opinion based list, so if you don't see something you like, I apologize. With that out of the way, let's hop in our Ultima Thule and travel this multiversal list!

5: Earth 13
Let's start things off with the DARKest entry on our list... Get it? Because it's all the Dark characters? Bad pun aside, since the first introductions to the magical Dark titles of Earth Prime, it fell hard and fast. Sometimes it was the quality of the book, but more often than not it was due to the obscurity of the characters in the line up. Try selling The Demon Knights to someone who only knows the Justice League. As of right now, the only Dark title is The Hellblazer, which if you haven't been following Reggie's reviews on the series, has proved mediocre at best. We need a good Dark book again, so how about a story from the proper "Dark Universe." It could have an opening story arc that brings the team together like the first volume of the New 52 Justice League. A dark god arrives, the more theocratic government begins praising it, but Hellblazer(Constantine's costumed alter ego) can see through the con and gathers heroes across his earth to combat it. In the end, they'd be seen as criminals, but in a dark world, what would you expect? 

4: Earth 18
It might be my inner American, but westerns fascinate me, especially if you throw an unexpected twist on it. Example: Westworld. Yes, one could argue the show is more sci-fi than western, but it still contains the tropes, characters, and settings that make the genre great. An example for a comic to take a similar unexpected mix of western and non-western is this earth, and it's original story, The Justice Riders. It was a fun Elseworlds, but by the end of their journey, the group disbanded as all their goals were reached. Obviously, this earth promises more adventures of the Riders, especially now that it looks like they have a full fledged Superman on their Earth. While we shouldn't expect full out alien invasions, it could take a more sci-fi and even mystical feel as it has done in the source material to keep readers coming in. If I saw this on the shelf of my local comic book store, I wouldn't mind saddling up to take a look. 

3: Earth 19
Gotham by Gaslight is considered one of the greatest Elseworlds stories ever fabricated. As such, it shouldn't be a big surprise that it had gotten a place among the 52 Earths of the multiverse when Grant Morrison took a swing at it. While the sequel to the Gaslight title was boring and Wonder Woman's Amazonia was pretty bad, the Earth is still full of potential for stories. Along with Batman and Wonder Woman, there is an Atom and Flash on the earth as well. While I can put together that there must be a Flash on every Earth to connect it to the multiverse, but how is there an Atom in Victorian England?! How can he shrink? Has he met the other heroes? Have the other heroes met one another? Would the Gaslight Earth villains and heroes from the failed Infinite Crisis have appearances in the stories? The Gaslight Earth has proved to be an interesting setting in the past, and I would love to see it become one again. 

2: Earth 20
I don't think it's too far-fetched to say that this Earth is one of the most popular when the Multiversity was pushed. The world was interesting, the characters were fun, and the villains were menacing. It's a fantastic world... But it would be extremely difficult to pick up where it ended. If you don't remember, their story ended with the death of the villains, and the possible end of their world at the hands of the God that Vandal Savage was going to sacrifice Immortal Man to. If we really wanted to tell stories from this world it would have to be in the first War that created the heroes or the war between the two Earths. I would love to see the origin stories for Doc Fate, The Atom, and the Blackhawks during the first war, while possibly getting more heroes from the golden age to join the Society. It could be a fun look at the Golden Age of comics for a new generation of readers. 

Marvel Mention: 1872
Just like our number four spot, this Earth is where Marvel took their characters and adapted them to a western environment. To those who didn't read the 1872 miniseries, it focused on the town of Timely as newcomer Red Wolf is arrested in trying to blow up Governor Roxxon's Dam. Mayor Wilson Fisk demands his execution while Sheriff Steve Rogers is prepared to lay his life on the line to make sure he gets his fair trial. Along the way we see your favorite popular characters, such as Iron Man, Black Widow and Bruce Banner join in the adventure to take down the corrupt Roxxon and Fisk. This miniseries opened up so many possible storylines we should have seen in the Red Wolf series, such as the introduction to the Hulk, Spider-Man and even the X-Men... Instead we get Red Wolf sent to the future, and the promise of the "Avengers of the West" returning put on hold. I know that it will be a while, especially with the Red Wolf series getting cancelled, but I hold onto hope to see that world once again. 

1: Earth 16

Now I know what you're probably thinking: Why would you want the least liked issue of the Multiversity to get a continuation? My answer: Kenan Kong. Kenan is the best representation of what this Earth could be. The denizens of Earth 16 are the offspring of all the heroes and villains of DC, except are raised in the lap of luxury. This makes them act bratty and belong on a reality TV show. Wanna know who else acts like a brat? Kenan Kong! Kenan acts like a brat and a jerk, but is now seen growing into the Superman Doctor Omen saw in him. The same can happen to the heroes of Earth 16! At the end of their Multiversity issue, we see them look up and see the protectors of their Earth turn against them. They have the chance to step up and become the heroes we expect them to be. We can even have our Earth prime Superman have a heart to heart with the Superboy of the Earth, as it is supposed to be Jon. We got the first chapter of their story of redemption and becoming heroes... I would love to see the rest. 

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What Earth in the Multiverse would you like to see covered? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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  1. That multiversity issue for Earth 16 was was one of my favorite from that run. It might of been one of the greatest set up issues of all time on the same level as injustice. Problem is that it was just that one issue and we haven't had the continuation to that story.