Friday, April 7, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 4/5/17

A Day Late and $2.99 Short

I usually get these lists up on Thursday, but I have a very good reason for why I didn't have this ready yesterday: I forgot! This was one of those "extra long" weeks for me, where I thought yesterday was Friday, while considering it from the vantage point of Wednesday...anyway, enough excuses! On to the absolute best covers from DC Comics this week, no foolin'!

Justice League #18 variant
Yanick Panquette and Nathan Fairbairn
There are dozens of classic Justice League covers with the whole team soaring left or right, but very few of them coming towards you. Superman's hand looks a little goofy, but otherwise the perspective and foreshortening is solid.

Superman #20
Patrick Gleason & John Kalisz
The variant cover for this issue showed Superman carrying a planet, but I prefer this more stoic version. I think it's the color of Superman's costume against the realistic grey sky that makes for a satisfying composition. Ol' Supes looks really regal here, too.

Green Arrow #20
W. Scott Forbes
This cover is like a Green Arrow primer: Ollie, Roy passed out with a needle next to him, Count Vertigo looking on, it's got nearly everything. If you threw Shado and a boxing glove arrow in, there'd be everything. The overhead angle on this image and the spiral design on the floor makes for a great composition.


Harley Quinn #17 variant
Frank Cho
I don't understand people that don't like Frank Cho's artwork. He's an absolute master. This cover has some relation to Paul Dini's back-up story, but even considered by itself it's spectacular. And a mirror image too! Just bask in its loveliness.

Aquaman #20 variant
Joshua Middleton
 I can always count on Joshua Middleton to bring an incredible variant cover when Aquaman is on the racks. The psychedelic coloring is what makes this cover so striking, but the technical aspects of the drawing and the juxtaposition of Arthur and Dead Water is terrific on its face. Again, DC Comics, I implore you: let's see a nice book of all these Aquaman variant covers sometime!

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  1. I found the Dr. Polaris cover to be extremely well done as well. I even enjoyed the variant, felt like getting the set actually, but wind up not doing it.