Saturday, April 8, 2017

Extremity #2 Review

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Publisher: Image

Daniel Warren Johnson’s Extremity was a surprise hit for me last month. After some other books with a sole person taking on art and writing duties I was highly surprised by the visceral art with a great start to a story in toe. So without further ado I’m going to jump right into this review. (I’m Rhyming Morty!!)
We get kicked off with a flashback set up to give us some backstory on how some of our current conflicts first get set up. We get the violinist from the previous issue there playing away while Thea is held over a stump as that Violinist will eventually find himself. We get some nice characterization here and some set up for what looks like possible mystery later in the issue. There’s some nice small details loaded into this flashback that makes it serve as more than just catch up on what had taken place plot wise.

After the flashback we jump back to current time with Thea and her family. They’re out on a scavenging expedition that eventually leads to meeting a new character but not without some danger and great art involved. We get a lot of world building during this part, as we learn what came before this lifestyle of living on floating plateaus but also some hints at what possibly lead to the current status quo of their world. I’m really interested in seeing where the story goes with this new character because I truly feel like it could go in many different directions all equally interesting. 

Even though a small amount of time is spent with Thea and her family we really get a lot of characterization in this span of the comic. When we eventually leave them, possibly now stranded, we jump to the Paznina as the aforementioned Violinist and Abba’s threat arrives to the current Queen. 

It’s kind of hard to sell this issue for much more than what is described here as honestly not a lot actually happens. That’s not meant to undercut it though as I feel every aspect we get of this story is very packed with meaning and purpose. There is loads of world building and mystery laid in just the art alone on many pages.

Overall I still really like this book and continue to be excited for it, but this is a bit of a downgrade from the first issue. We get a good amount of details laid out with some great work with characterization that fills in some needed substance to the conflict we jump into. This book gives off an air of knowing exactly what it is and being completely aware of the world it takes place in. I can’t recommend it enough.

Bits and Pieces:
Great world building and characterization takes the place of blood and action in what comes in a very quick read. Although I’m a little down on it from the first issue due to not much actually happening, I still really enjoy the read as it feels full of meaning and purpose.

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