Saturday, April 8, 2017

World War Tank Girl #1 Review

Written By: Alan Martin
Drawn and Lettered By: Brett Parson
Cover Artist: Brett Parson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas

Look at you with your mind spinnin'

Waiting a month sometimes two for the next issue of Tank Girl can feel like ages. But it's always made up for any delays with the fun storytelling. Tank Girl and her friends have time traveled and landed in World War One to find their friends Jet Girl and Sub Girl. Before things can come to a conclusion though, Tank Girl will have to lead an army before she can reunite with her time displaced friends. Let's join the team and see what they're up to.

We first see Tank Girl running across the battlefield butt naked killing several nazi troops taking a piece of article from each of them. After getting suited up she makes contact with the British troops posted nearby. Tank Girl takes lead on the armies strategy, as she has to relieve the Captain due to him not capable. On her lead, the trio charge head first towards the nazi’s shouting nonsense guns drawn.

Up above Barney was transported onto a cargo aircraft where troops are parachuting in, far from the battle scene. With no parachute, no clothes and being bonkers Barney jumps out the aircraft catching a ride down with a troop.

Now catching up with Booga, who ended up in a food cabinet at a secret location and has become the new maid of the Third Reich. Looking for food, he comes across the basement alcohol stash.

The issue jumps back to where we began and Tank Girl has scoped out the land and comes up with a strategy to take control on the battle. Plenty of badass graphic action sequences and explosions.

The issue ends with showing us where our characters will continue their adventure into the next issue. Booga however may not have the best outcome.

The series is back and this issue placed me right back in the world of Tank Girl. There’s never any slowing down in this issue. It would’ve been a bit cramped if all of our main characters had a catching up spotlight. Using Tank Girl to drive the story as a means to piece everything together makes for a not crowded read. The little bit we did see of Barney and Booga was enjoyable and can’t wait to see where their story goes. If you hadn’t read the previous mini series you wouldn’t feel left out. But damn, if you had been following since then you must pick this up. That’s if you didn’t buy a few copies already. Every variant cover is worth the bucks.

Brett Parson continues to slay with the artwork and lettering. While Tank Girl: Gold’s colors were brighter, there is a complete change of scenery now in the war zone.  The artwork has an attractiveness to it and helps the overall feel to the book.

Bits and Pieces:

We catch up with several of the characters and where the time traveling has placed them. While fans of the previous mini-series will feel right at home. Any new reader can jump onto this first issue and get a kick out of the stunning art and bonkers storytelling. I look forward to seeing how all this plays out watching Alan Martin kicks things up to an eleven.


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