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Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Characters I want to see in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

Welcome to another exciting edition of Top 5 Fridays! While there were quite a few great comics this week, I feel we should turn our attention to the CWverse for this week. Legends of Tomorrow just wrapped up their second season in a finale that could potentially shake the entire universe to which corner. The one thing that I always look forward to after the season is concluded is trying to guess what new heroes and threats will come in the following season that would trump the heroes and threats. For example, in Arrow, we started with Merlyn, then step up to Deathstroke, with season 3 taking on one of the most dangerous organizations in the world, The League of Assassins. For Legends, this may prove difficult as the new heroes and the Legion of Doom were probably the best things to come to the show. Today I am going to list a few characters that I feel would fit in the show that could create either good allies, enemies, or just have a fun episode with. As always this is an opinion based list so if you don't see a character you were hoping for, I apologize. With the formalities out-of-the-way, let's jump into the Waverider and take off into this list!

5: Justice League 3000
It has been a while since you've heard of these guys, hasn't it? To those who haven't read their two series, the JL3K are a group of people created by CADMUS who had the genes of the original justice league copy over theirs to become the newest iteration. While this sounds like a full proof plan, something didn't go according to plan. There were small inconsistencies that radically changed the personality of each member. Superman became a jerk didn't have the kind Kents raising him, Batman became sarcastic and questioned his actions without the trauma of his parents' deaths, Wonder Woman who leaned a little too close to the warrior side of the Amazon, etc. So what if there was a way to replicate the comic to the CWverse? With the Legends, we can go to the future and actually see it. It doesn't even need to just be the Legends but spread out into the other shows. The Flash could remain the same as he is in JL3K(a downer who's afraid of his own power), Arrow could be a bit prestigious if the trauma of the island is removed. It might not be a season worthy idea, but it could be one fun episode.

4: Kamandi
While we have seen in the past and a "shiny" future, we haven't seen a post-apocalypse future. Yeah, we got the gang controlled the land of Star city after the defeat of the Green Arrow, but I am sure that a good part of the Legends fan base, wouldn't mind seeing an episode that takes them to after the world. Now just like booster gold with time travel, there is a specific character that is the picture of post-apocalypse in the DC universe. Kamandi is that character. Kamandi carries the title of the last boy on earth, so imagine his shock if he saw a group of humans like him appear one day in their 'magic box'. He'd be able to show them what happened to the world, and they help him survive the wastes. It's a fair trade-off which could show the audience a much darker side to the DC timeline. There are 2 problems I see with having Kamandi being on the show. First, if you're going to have Kamandi, you'd need the animal people that he hangs out with, which is kind of a problem with the budget already being strained on the special effects. The second issue would be the landscape of the post-apocalypse, with his stories usually having it underwater... but number 3 might actually be the remedy to that situation.

3: Brother Eye's Future
I know many of us don't want to talk about future's end, let's face facts. Brother Eye and his cyborg army might be one of the most dangerous threats to the DC timeline. It's like the Terminator future on steroids. Instead of there being unstoppable robots intent on eradicating humanity, this future has unstoppable robots...that have the powers of the Justice League. Imagine the fear and panic the Legends would have if they saw the heroes of the present turned into monstrous cyborgs that only seek to eradicate humanity. This vision of the future could not only pave the way for Kamandi but more importantly, create a dangerous main villain. Just like the main Future's End story, Brother Eye can send his machines back to ensure his creation and take over of the world. In a way, the Legends would be playing the opposite role they did in this past season. Rather than fix time anomalies, they need to make them so Brother Eye can be stopped. It could be a darker season than the past two, but I think we could still find a little fun.

2: Anti-Monitor and the Manhunters 
"But Jody, what do the lawmen that preceded the Green Lantern Corps have to do with the anti-monitor, a universe destroyer?" While it is true that the anti-monitor is known for destroying universes in the multiverse, there was actually a show that made him a little more manageable. In Green Lantern: the animated series, the Anti-Monitor stayed focused on the single universe that he existed in, rather than the multiverse. Due to his advanced technology, he was able to reactivate the Manhunters to serve as his lackeys. Imagine if the Anti-Monitor begins paving a path through history to witness the beginning of time itself. He could create some of the most dangerous time anomalies in all of history. If only there was a team who'd be brave, or stupid, enough to take on such a dangerous threat. The battle could be quite "legendary" if I do say so myself. If the CW wanted an all powerful baddie that could rival the Legends, and even all the heroes in the next crossover, this machine from hell might just do the trick.

1: Legion of Superheroes 
Since we went to the past to meet the society, it only makes sense to move forward and meet the legion. The legion of superheroes might not be the most popular superhero team, but I believe it's the pinnacle of the DC timeline. At the end of the miniseries Justice, Batman goes on asking the question if, despite the League stopping the nukes that would wipe out the world, would superheroes fail in the end. Every day there are new threats to the DC universe, so will they ever succeed in making a peaceful world? We end the miniseries with the Legion looking back on the heroes who saved the world, from their utopian future. These heroes were inspired by the Legends of the past and took arms to protect the future that the Legends wanted to make. Granted, the Legends that the Legion were inspired by was superman and the Justice League, but by this point in the CW shows, The heroes of each show have made an impact on the world, both fictionally and in actuality. It has been nearly 5 years since the start of Arrow and the birth of the CWverse. Even if the show get canceled this year, they have made a large enough impact to be remembered for a long time. What better way to show the impact and legacy of the CW shows by having the Legion meet a Legion of superheroes that were inspired by the tales of the Flash, the Arrow, and all the other heroes of the 21st-century. It would be a sweet nod to the legacy that started when the billionaire playboy first proclaimed "You have failed this city."

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! What characters do you want to see in Legends of Tomorrow season 3? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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