Saturday, April 8, 2017

Eleanor & The Egret #1 Review

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Sam Keith
Colorist: Ronda Pattison
Letterer: John Layman
Cover: Sam Keith
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas

Lives in a dream

Not being familiar with John Layman’s work, Sam Keith was the selling point for me. I’ve been a big fan of The Maxx since I was a kid seeing him on MTV’s Liquid Television. Once I got older I continued that childhood memory by reading The Maxx comics. With that being said I wanted to give this title a chance and see what it has to offer. This sort of story wouldn’t normally appeal to me. But I’m going out of my comfort zone to see if they can keep me around to continues this series. 

In a quick prologue that takes place several years prior. We see Eleanor traveling through a swamp before falling over and when she arises comes across the Egret’s egg.

Back in present day, we catch up Eleanor at an art museum eyeballing a notorious famous painting she plans to steal.

The next day, we meet Detective Belanger who is called to the scene of the crime. While he gathers his clues. We’re shown the strategy Eleanor and her Egret used to break into the high-security museum.

Later that day, Eleanor has the worst luck as Belanger visits her local pet store on a lead. While Eleanor and Egret try to stay unseen. The store clerk mentions to Belanger that Eleanor is actually in the store and she could be of assistance. This makes for an awkward conversation between the two. Belanger feels very comfortable after speaking with Eleanor and believes he onto the museum thief.  

There’s a lot more to touch on in this issue. But it’s worth giving the book a read if you’re looking for a weird mystical detective story. While the art is an acquired taste, Sam Keith’s art draws me in and fits perfectly with what’s being told. This issue did a perfect job to introduce us to our title characters and the person who’s going to turn their big heist upside down. You’ll definitely get a good laugh while you read this first issue. I look forward to seeing where this takes us.

Bits and Pieces:

Everything you would want in a first issue can be found here. This weird cat and mouse game has a fun comedic twist all while luring you in with the chemistry between our title characters.


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