Monday, April 3, 2017

Spider-Woman #17 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Veronica Fish
Color Artist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Inking Assistant: Andy Fish
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 29, 2017 Review By: Ryan Douglas

I'll never look into your eyes, again Jessica’s coming off saving her new boyfriend Roger from Goblin. The final issue is here and that bums me out. I believe if Marvel didn’t release thirty comics every week that would give their better titles a chance to shine among the community. This entire creative team has done an astounding job giving the reader a ride worth their money and time. Let’s get into it cause I the more I think about it, the more upset I get.

Jessica needs a breather from her last arc and decides to throw a party. Roger is nervous to meet her friends, who once could’ve had a scuffle with during his time as Porcupine. As the two are showing affection towards each other, the first wave of guests arrives making it an awkward situation. Gerry says the day for Roger when the baby monitor goes off sending Roger to check on the baby. His stress level rises, even more, when he finds Gerry unexpectedly climbing on the ceiling!? Looks like his mom’s power have finally kicked in for him.  

Back on the rooftop, Natasha (Black Widow) is getting sauced and speaking her mind out loud how she feels about Jessica’s dating situation. Natasha may be coping with the end of her ongoing series ending this week as well. Jessica snaps and lays out her thoughts for everyone to hear loud and clear. She’s content with the way her life is going and feels she doesn’t need to part of superhero group at this moment in time.

Gerry crashes the party leading several of the guests attempting to catch him in a fun way breaking the awkward tension among the friends. Gerry gives the superheroes a run for their money before Roger risks his own life to save Gerry. Once the mayhem comes to a close everyone’s left with a smile on their face. The issue ends with Jessica, Roger, Ben, and Carol relaxing in the apartment while the party continues above.

So there it is the final issue to Dennis Hopeless, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Veronica Fish’s run. Overall, I enjoyed the issue. But left me wanting more with the revelation we learned about. With no news on the future of the title only leaves me with more questions. While there is closure for our beloved cast. Jessica has somewhat separated herself from the Marvel superhero’s to focus on her family and life. I’ve never felt more connected to a character in the Marvel universe since Tom Kings “Vision” and Jonathan Hickman’s Doom portrayal in “Secret Wars”. Dennis Hopeless knows how to touch the emotional chord of readers and reel them in. I get a sense Spider-Woman may be on Marvel’s back burner with the conclusion of this series. Maybe she’ll play a role in Secret Empire with her Hydra roots? Time will tell and I would like answers sooner than later. The overall sales were down on this title and that’s a shame. We’re slowly seeing a batch of Marvel books come to an end before Secret Empire starts. My concern is after the events of Secret Empire where will this place Spider-Woman? Will the continuity stay the same? Only if I had the Ant-Man suit that way I could sit in on these meetings and learn all the secrets. I’ll just have to keep my ear to the ground for further updates. Big thanks to Dennis Hopeless, Rachelle Rosenberg, Veronica Fish and the entire Spider-Woman team for producing such a great title for Marvel.

Bits and Pieces:

Dennis Hopeless gives us a bit of closure as he ends his run. The issue only left me wanting more in the way it ends. Not exactly sure when I’ll see these things touched upon and if the next team can hit the same marks as this series. Only time will tell the future of Spider-Woman and her new family. Overall, still an enjoyable issue.


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