Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Justice League #18 Review

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Brad Anderson and Richard Starkings
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017

The Timeless story rages on and this issue is a bit of a make or break one for me.  I have enjoyed this arc more than what we've gotten previously from this Rebirth series, but the scale is starting to tilt to the "not do good" side after last issue.  Bryan Hitch seems to have some good ideas with this end of the universe/end of time story, but they are all caught under an avalanche of changing rules, hokey dialogue and morphing plot beats.  However, it may no longer be March, but he can end this madness and turn everything around with a couple of well drawn out plays and some solid defense, right?  I don't know what the hell I'm talking about now, but hopefully Hitch does and can pull a victory out of impending defeat.  Is this one of the greatest comebacks since Frank Reich or is this another case of wasted potential the likes of which haven't been seen since JaMarcus Russell?  Let's find out... (sorry for mixing sports, I am a dummy like that!)

The issue opens with a little look back at the beginning of the arc showing us what happened to Lois and Jon after Superman flew off and the Timeless' time wave overtook them.  I'd love to say that we got something important or even good here, but unfortunately, we didn't.

We than go off to see Superman and Tempus continue their arguing about what is going to happen to Earth and we get more hints at Superman Reborn (which is over) and nothing else that we haven't seen in the last four issues.  Seriously, Superman may act like Tempus just made things personal, but that ship sailed so long ago.

We then get enough quick swipes to make George Lucas drool...Batman in the Lex Super Suit, Molly being taken by the Timeless and all our heroes fighting the good fight throughout time.  Things aren't going well until Vincent jumps to a crazy conclusion, Batman saves Superman and the Man of Steel goes all rage against the machine.

Yep, after three and a half issues, it seems that Tempus was just a hologram which is okay, but he's a hologram that didn't think ahead.  When Superman breaks the machinery around him, all of the Timeless throughout time just fall over, giving the Justice League an easy ride to save the day.  

That's when Bryan Hitch pulls the rug out from under us and shows us his evil plan.  Tempus wasn't the real villain after all...except he still would have sent Earth to the edge of time and space which kind of makes him a villain anyway and you're left wondering what the Justice League could have done to actually make things better.  It's a fucked up, poorly written Sophie's Choice that would make me angry except for the fact that I now expect this type of suckage from this book.

I know that we are supposed to wonder how the Justice League will save the day, but I am really left wondering who will save the Justice League.  This story has the same problems that Hitch has been dishing out since his JLA book in the New 52...poor pacing, terrible dialogue and the idea that withholding important information is the way to create mystery and tension.  Someone must stop this madness!

I did love  Fernando Pasarin's art a whole lot and if you just page through and look at the pretty pictures, you may enjoy this issue more than I did.  

Bits and Pieces:

Bryan Hitch is trying to write a big story here, but it all falls flat because nothing he is attempting has been earned...not by the villains and not by him.  Things just seem to happen because they need to, but at least the art looks great.  Unfortunately, that's not enough for me to recommend anything except to stay far away for this book for now and the near future.



  1. Hi Jim,

    I hate this current run as well. I've said it before. It has been inexplicable to me from issue 1. However many review sites are giving the timeless run a great score. I know you don't speak for them but as a reviewer yourself, can you give some insight?


    1. I have no idea...I said at the beginning that this story has some good ideas, but they just get buried in nonsense, get left behind or changed mid issue. I can only think that some reviewers are desperate to like the Justice League and are overlooking flaws or that they are getting fooled that this is a bigger story in the whole Rebirth Universe. In other words, I have no idea how anyone can like this book!

    2. Or they're kissing DC's ass for potential interviews. Weird Science keeps it real. Never change, guys.

    3. Don't know what kind of Anon you are but you have hit a new low. Came here to shower us with your snarky poison instead of contributing. If you don't appreciate the work on this blog go find another site which meets your quota.

    4. I swear...the days we live in...people getting shade thrown at them for leaving anonymous compliments.

    5. Most definitely the 2nd Anonymous didn't read the review jumped right into the comment section and read the first sentence of 1st Anonymous. Triggered 2nd Anonymous lashed out on 1st and the rest is history. More and more people suffer from ADHD today and the problem only gets worse if we don't unplug from the grid and take deep breaths.

    6. but I can't up;lug from the grid!!!!

  2. Let's face it dudes and dudettes.. hitch can't write shit even if his life depends on it.. just saying my opinion here but i think other sites just force themselves to like the book, even with all the nonsense.. i was lost at the start of justice league rebirth with these giants calling themselves the kindred or something, at the start of the story, the art was good i think, tony daniel is good.. the story is whack and im not just saying the first story arc, but the succeding stories too.. Totally missing the justice league right now.. i think JLA is better..

    1. Yea, I want a good Justice League and jla isn't doing it for me either

  3. Justice League needs Jeff Lemire and Emanuela Lupacchino ASAP. Perfect timing because Lemire is out of Marvel.