Thursday, April 6, 2017

Everafter: From the Pages of Fables #8 Review

Written by : Dave Justus and Lillah Sturges
Art by: Travis Moore and Michael E Wiggam
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Review by: Travis Laborde 

I'm glad to say we seem to be getting back to the main story after the last two issues were really side-trips that we don't really see the full impact of yet.  The art seems to be back to normal as well, so I can definitely say "welcome back Travis Moore!"  Yet, this story is again not very much about the main characters, but instead about Tanner.  Remember Tanner? 

She's the leader of the group of thieves that Peter and Connor were trying to recon a few issues back. The one that ambushed her clients and ended up letting a horde of undead spirits attack the world. But really it isn't even about HER, but... her son and his friends.  They have found some of her secret, private things....  How secret?  How private?  I'm glad you asked - Here come the spoilers!

The issue starts out with Tanner appearing outside her suburban home in Texas.  She goes inside and begins to review a packet of information about the Shadow Players.  Apparently, that's what she and her group call our main characters.   The art is really nice here and we see a tiny bit of information about the main characters.  I find it funny that Bo Peep's full name is Esmerault Peep and "Bo" is just a nickname :)

She is surprised by her son Garrett being home.  Since she's been away, she thought his dad had taken him, but the guy never showed.  Apparently she takes parenting lessons from Lois Lane because she says "gee I'm sorry he never showed up" followed immediately by "I have to go do some errands now..."  So she leaves.. and Garrett suspects she's a spy or Fable Hunter or something like that.  So he and two of his friends decide to investigate.  They dig through her room and personal things.  Yes, one of them thinks he's on a panty raid :)  Then they find a secret room with tons of artifacts and magical looking things.

They find that they are each drawn to one item.  The big red headed kid puts on a wicked looking glove of some sort.  The Indian kid takes a necklace amulet.  Garrett takes a wand.

Then the scene cuts to them at school.  This is the typical scene where the nerds are being bullied by the jocks while the cheerleaders watch.  The red-headed kid gets angry and puts on the glove.  They make fun of him even more.  The he somehow magically GUTS the guy.  Somehow, instead of making everyone run away in horror, it just makes the rest of the bully jocks attack.  So the Indian kid shows his power - to make people obey him.  He tells them to fight themselves instead.  And he tells the cheerleaders to kiss.  The art is great where he's such a perv sitting in the middle of all this chaos watching the cheerleaders kiss.  It gets worse later - read on!

Then we see the kids just running amok.  Red headed kid is murdering people.  The Indian kid is in the girls locker room.  It is still unclear what Garrett's wand can do but he seems to be making lab animals attack.  The police arrive, and Tanner arrives but they won't let her in.  In frustration she contacts the Shadow Players...  who show up immediately.  She makes a deal with them to give up all the information on her clients if they can get her son out alive.  Meanwhile the three kids have taken all the school hostage and are demanding pizza and condoms.

Bits and Pieces:

I love it.  The art is inconsistent as always with some really GREAT panels spread among a whole lot of OK panels.  But the story is engaging and fun, funny and serious at the same time.


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