Saturday, June 17, 2017

Grass Kings #4 Review **SPOILERS**

Pinball Wizard

Written by: Matt Kindt
Illustrated by: Tyler Jenkins
Lettered by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Tyler Jenkins
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 14, 2017


Tons of great books were released this week and it was hard to choose which book to review. Grass Kings grabbed my attention the most. This book is a gem over at Boom! Studios who are known for publishing a licensed properties. The collaboration between Matt Kindt (currently writing X-O Manowar!) and Tyler Jenkins has been astounding. There's a weird mystery here involving two rival towns that intrigue me. Plus the illustrated art style is unique and fitting for the story being told. Not an art style you see often in mainstream comics. After getting my books I had to dive into the world the gentlemen have built. Thanks for joining me while I put my thoughts down....

 Pinball is alive and well, I would've missed my favorite Afropunk comic character. We see more of a glimpse into Maria's backstory and her relationship with her husband Sheriff Humbert. The main focus is Humbert finally given a reason to question Grass Kingdom after Big Dan goes missing, which he won't find much of Big Dan since being fed to vultures and all. During a confrontation between Humbert and Robert, we learn Humbert may not be the worst guy I thought he was. It seems something has caused Humbert to become high strung over the years. Humbert doesn't doubt Grass Kingdom's involvement with both Dan and Maria and leaves quietly to gather reinforcements. Bruce and Robert know Humbert plans on returning in full force. They warn everyone in the Kingdom of the bloodshed that could occur and prepare their ammunition.


I'm loving the book and this issue continues the enjoyment I get out of this series. Reading along with the art from Tyler Jenkins plays out as picking up a long lost piece of folk-lore. I didn't mind the overall pacing, building the tension leading up until the confrontation of the two towns. We're gaining more of connection to the main characters and towns people. Which will help pay off, making that anticipated scene more impact full. Now that we've gotten a grasp of the residents at Grass Kingdom, Maria is a character I'd like spotlighted more. Since arrival to Grass Kindgom, she's caused the long awaited war between the two towns to possibly breakout. But I trust in the direction Matt Kindt will take this story.


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