Friday, June 16, 2017

Top 5 Fridays: Injustice 2 DLC Character Predictions

Welcome back to another kombative installment of Top 5 Fridays. Fun Fact: I'm not just a fan of superheroes on paper and television, but in video games as well. As such, one of my most played games right now is Injustice 2. I love the story, the characters, and the badass battles between them. As with most games nowadays, Injustice 2 revealed there were going to be a whopping nine DLC characters to be added into the game, starting with Red Hood, Starfire, and Mortal Kombat's Subzero. At the end of their first reveal trailer, the background revealed silhouettes of the remaining six, and that is what I'll be going over: Who I think they are! As always, this is an opinion-based list, so if you don't see a character you were hoping for, I apologize. With that out of the way, LET'S read this week's list!

Black Manta

Let's start off our list with a character that I was hoping to be in the main roster of the game when it was first announced. You can tell that the shaded character is him due to the massive bulbous helmet that he is most iconic for. This inclusion is the logical choice due to his hate for Aquaman, the fact that he is one of the most brutal characters in DC, and his possibilities for gameplay. I want to imagine that Manta will play something close to how Kano plays in the Mortal Kombat Games; Brutal knife attacks(or in Manta's case, his stinger-like weapon) with some input from his built in tech(his helmet's laser eyes). This would also play into his super move, being some sort of combination of the two fighting styles. Overall, I feel like he's going to be a fun and brutal addition to the game and I can't wait to get my hands on him.


Ironically this god of thunder is in the same boat with Manta in the case that the shape is so iconic, everyone instantly recognized him. However, unlike Manta, his appearance wasn't exactly welcome. Most fans of the game find it irritating that Netherrealm would choose another Mortal Kombat character over dozens of DC characters. While I can see why people would be aggravated by this, I am okay if he is in the game. Out of all the Mortal Kombat characters, I feel that Raiden would be the one character that would fit best in the DCU in general. He's a protector of realms, which in a sense could be taken as a multiverse, which is what the DCU is all about. I would also be curious to see what stake he has in the conflict on Earth; Who would he side with? Batman or Superman? We won't know till he arrives on our consoles.

The Atom

Again another obvious one, due to the size of the character. I think this one was chosen due to one reason alone: look at some of the new characters we've had. Firestorm, Black Canary, Captain Cold, and Deadshot have gotten popular due to their TV and Movie appearances. Even their armor that you get in the game are references to the other media, an example being Captain Cold's ungrateful time traveler armor set(Legends of Tomorrow anyone?). With half of the Legends team as playable characters, including the Vixen premier skin, wouldn't it make sense to add one of the more profitable and recognizable members of the team? The only thing I'd be worried about is how he would play. The Atom isn't exactly known for his combat skills, but I've been surprised before.


Now we're reaching the ones that are a bit more speculative. Not only is it The only Woman figure of the group, it looks like she has either long hair or a hood, with a more slender look in comparison to the other ladies of the game. The slender appearance makes me believe that the character won't be using brawn to combat the enemy, meaning she would probably use some sort of magic in its place. The hair/hood fits only one woman magic user, and with the popularity of Suicide Squad still floating around, it's not much of a surprise Enchantress would be added to the game. I can imagine her gameplay being a combination of Doctor Fate, Zatanna from the first Injustice game, and Atrocitus' blood tornado magic. Would I personally want her? Compared to the others on this list, but if she's fun to play, I'll give her a shot.


The last in the 'Raiden' group of DLC has a HUGE figure wearing what looks like a hood, with possibly a cape attached. With the hood and imposing figure, many think that it's Scorpion or Azrael in the spot, but in my opinion, neither character is as big as the model appears. This makes me think that there is a chance for the Demon, Etrigan to reenter this fray. While he might not have been in the game, he had a memorable battle against the man of steel in Year Three of the comic prequel, which shows off his skills and power. It would be amazing to modify his actual knight-like armor to have him fit the Arthurian mold he originates from. Gameplay wise, I can imagine him playing a bit like Atrocitus, with a mix of some of the fire attacks that Scorpion used in the first game. Maybe I'm hoping too much, but this demon needs a chance in the spotlight, and no better place to do it than the arenas of Injustice.


The last in the "Black Manta" group is a man wearing a big collared suit... There's only one guy this fits. Well, there are more, but when one is a comedic time traveler and the other is a Sociopath who has no powers and monologues about his journal, the list really narrows to one. As much as I dislike the character, he has enough foundation in the universe of injustice to take a step into the game without it feeling out of place. To those unaware, John Constantine was a major player for the insurgency during injustice: year three, so much so that was included in the doctor fate ending for the arcade mode. When it comes to gameplay, however, I can't really imagine his fighting style. His skills are more of the thinking Variety instead of physical. If Netherrealm can think of an epic way to make him work, I'll give him a shot, despite my dislike.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! Do you think I'm right in my predictions? Have your own? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. I'm pretty sure Raiden is a place holder. Try to trick us so that they hi e us a surprise character. And I don't think Atom would work either so probably another place holder.
    I'd like to see Beast Boy, Static, Booster Gold, and Spawn.

    1. rumor on the web is that Raiden was meant to be in the game, but because of the obvious backlash of ANOTHER mk character, theyre going to switch him out for the premier skin that was rumored to go with him: Black Lightning