Monday, June 12, 2017

Man-Thing #4 Review - Marvel Monday

Man-Thing #4
Writer: R.L. Stine
Art Team: German Peralta, Rachelle Rosenberg
Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 31, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Man-Thing’s Mind Screw (Chicks Will Do That)

Man-Thing is back for the fourth time with its penultimate issue. Previously we spent some time witnessing Man-Thing investigate the disappearance of Oldfather which lead him to the Nexus of all Realities. Although issue three was the weakest of the series so far, mostly because it spent so much time recapping the previous two, I still looked forward to how things would conclude.  I’m sure issue four will lead us down a path involving a shitload of crazy so me being me I’ll sign my name to that and see where it leads.  Let’s jump in here and see what we have shall we.

Man-Thing #4 starts off with our hero in a precarious positon having difficulty controlling his powers alternating between his human state and Man-Thing, confronted by Oldfather begin threatened with death, helpless to do anything.  After some strange threats from Evil Queen Irena she decides it best to keep her two prisoners captive awhile longer, she needs to torture Oldfather first a clean death is much to ‘nice’ after all.  Queen Irena’s reasoning for anything is really a troubling issue for this titles both here in this act and at future points in this book.

We progress to Man-Thing as a human confronted suddenly by his past lover, Lily-Ann, who he tried to save earlier in the series from a giant Python in his Man-Thing form but failed. After a brief exchange Lily turns into the giant Python that took her away and eats Ted easily stating how the Pythons will now take possession of the swamp.  After spending just a few panels in the belly of the beast Man-Thing busts out of the snake as it explodes across the page of our comic …. GROSS!

Man-Thing then travel out of his cell through a whole the snake body made coming face to face quickly with Queen Irena who offers to send Man-Thing home if he will just talk with a dude called “the Eye”. Suspecting foul play, but having no other choice, Man-Thing plays along and is quickly hypnotized by the Eye and transported elsewhere.

Our issues events lead to our cliffhanger which reveals a now completely hypnotized Man-Thing back in the place this issue started.  Our hero is under full control of Queen Irena after being placed under the Eye’s spell and he’s being told he will be sent home if he kills Oldfather, who is on his hands and knees in front of Man-Thing, present with a sword. 

Overall after an intriguing start to this series it has taken a turn for the worse and devolved into a series of action that just happen with little to no build up or reasoning.  I’m not sure if there are editorial problems with the title because it has released on a strange schedule or if R. L. Stine is just getting used to a comic format but there’s not much to recommend here in the pages of the last two issues right now.  While a few jokes hit the mark the title just feels completely random in tone and direction right now. The art is solid throughout and the artist does a good job of transitioning from one crazy situation to another but unless you’re a hardcore Man-Thing fan you have probably checked out of this title by now.

Bits and Pieces

With story beast that feel completely random and a character that’s becoming difficult to root for I’m not sure what crowd this book is aiming to please. While not wholly unenjoyable there is not enough I find to like that make me recommended this to others.


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