Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Super-Man #12 Review and **SPOILERS**


There’s a New New Super-Man in Town

Writer: Gene Luen Yang 
Pencils: Billy Tan 
Inks: Haining 
Color: Gadson 
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Philip Tan/Elmer Santos 
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: June 14, 2017


Ah, New Super-Man…my favorite book coming from DC Comics right now. I know you aren’t long for this world, but I have enjoyed the time we’ve spent together so much. I haven’t tried to jealously guard your greatness, no I have done my level, effortless best to spread the good word about Kong Kenan and the rest of the Justice League of China, but to no avail. Let’s not lament the lack of New Super-Man in the future, but celebrate the existence of the comic today! And we can do that in my review of issue #12, right ‘ere!

Explain It!

Now the original New Super-Man, who we’re calling Superman Zero (though shouldn’t we be calling him New Super-Man Zero?), has taken to fighting the giant turtle that was once the statue of a man that was once a man that was once a turtle, and he’s not as conscientious as the Justice League of China. Like, property damage isn’t a big deal in Superman Zero’s world. Maybe because he’s been out of commission for so long, but he’s just chucking this Gamera willy-nilly all through Shanghai, which to be fair is flooded with several feet of water. New Super-Man and pals try to bring this fracas out to deeper waters, but before Superman Zero can burn Kenan’s face off with his heat vision, Fahai the giant turtle slices Wonder-Woman in twain! That means in half!
Baixi and Kenan are rightfully alarmed, but that turns to horror when Deilan grows a great snake tail out of her torso! So, she was just like stuffed into human skin this whole time? Pretty impressive. Now revealed in her serpentine glory, the Deilan and Fahai take their quarrel into the open seas, where Superman Zero uses his solar flare that he’s kept from the New 52 and...! Doesn’t eliminate the giant turtle. Or Deilan the giant snake. Who’s now shed her human bit and looks like a giant planarian worm, lying unconscious in the water. Meanwhile, Dr. Omen from the Ministry of Defense has sent Kenan and Avery out into Shanghai to find the weakened form of Superman Zero, so they can bring him back to the Crab Shell for safe keeping. Yeah, that always works well.
After Avery breaks Kenan’s balls, he suggests they split up to find Superman Zero, and about six seconds later Kenan bumps into him. Feeling sort of sympathetic towards another hapless dope imbued with the barely controllable powers of Superman and forced into serving the government, Kenan tells him to scram—make like you never seen Shanghai, okay? Superman Zero splits, but on his way gets visited by a ghost that seems to be the evil essence of I-Ching, I think? Anyway I’m pretty sure Superman Zero got possessed by a demon. Meanwhile, at the Crab Shell, Deilan the giant snake is being held in stasis while Baixi and Kenan hear the story of why a giant turtle wanted to kill her in the first place. Baixi lets slip that he saw his father being tended to by Dr. Omen a couple of issues back, so Kenan confronts her—just as Superman Zero in some bad-ass terracotta warrior armor attacks the building! Falling to her probable death, Dr. Omen reveals—she is Kenan’s mother!
Whew! What a wild ride! It’s like one incredible bad guy after the next, plus a whole lot of stuff on Chinese Buddhism that I didn’t even want to get into. Because I’d probably mangle it horribly. I just have such a good time reading this, and now we’re getting some payoff that’s been teased since the very first issue. The artwork is great and expressive, the story is compelling and the characters are well-defined—and experience growth! If you’re not reading this comic book, I’m sorry to hear it.

Bits and Pieces:

Kenan confronts his boss, and it doesn't go well...for her! Also, Superman Zero becomes a Chinese warrior. Wonder-Woman turns into a giant snake! I normally don't spoil the books here but this is one you've just gotta read!



  1. Is this book getting cancelled? Have you heard anything about that? It gets amazing reviews, if this gets cancelled I'm going to be so bummed because this was a really great original idea and Yang does a fantastic job with it I want to see it go on for years I would even like to see a Justice League of China book.

    1. It feels like this book going to get cancelled soon. This issue contained at least 3 issues worth of plot points and action that was all crammed together. That being said, I hope they don't cancel this book. This book has gotten better and better each issue and I am in love with these characters. I sincerly hope it gets a spinoff.

    2. Ditto. A Great Ten spinoff written by Yang. Pray to the heavens.

  2. Best Rebirth comic, period. So much fun, great art, crazy unusual story beats. But yeah. . .no way it's lasting much longer. Hell, I'm surprised it's gone 12 issues. A damn shame, but this is sure to be in the first wave of Rebirth cancellations coming soon.