Thursday, June 15, 2017

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Spotlight: Dark Days - The Forge #1

The spotlight is on Dark Days: The Forge and it has Jim and Eric pretty pumped.  Eric will be more pumped if he gets a definitive origin of Hawkman when all is said and done and Jim is just ready for a classic good time.  See what they have to say and if you like it, check out their regular weekly podcast as well as check out their Patreon account for more fun and nonsense!

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  1. I hated the art this issue to jim, and I hated all the hawkman stuff eric, because it's like no one at reads each other books. Only plus's for me was the callout to heroes that don't get no shine,Plastic Man and the Outsiders.

  2. I love Batman. . .but I find myself completely un-interested in this thing. I wish they would bring Batman back down to earth, not the other way around. It's getting like the Fast and Furious movies. . .each one has to be BIGGER and MORE OUTRAGEOUS than the last, so what started as a decent movie about criminals in fast cars turns into over the top globe-trotting special forces missions with the fate of the world at stake.

    1. ...but at least it didn't rip off Point Break to begin with! Just joking! I know what your saying, but after having him mope around and get the crap kicked out of him for a year, I am liking this a bit more than some