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Rocket Raccoon #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Rocket Raccoon #2 Review

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Adam Gorham, Color Artist Michael Garland
Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 7, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Review by: Andrew McAvoy

Ah Rocket. He seemed to have planned the perfect heist last issue. Hold up though! At the start of this issue he is facing a jury for the crimes he has committed in that perfect heist. What went wrong? Lets find out. 

Rocket has been lured by his ex-love Otta to do "one last job" for her. Ah, how many young men have fallen pray to the temptation of "one last job". "You'll be made for life!", "You'll be a hero"...just ignore it guys - that's my advice. Rocket however, is a genial type and agreed to undertake the heist operation, and is working alongside the Remnants of The Technet to pull off the task. Get into a high security vault, get the land deeds for Otta, and get out.

He would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for Gate-Crasher bouncing into the action! Yes she appears to have exploited the space-time continum to gain advance knowledge of the planned heist and foil it. It looks as if Rocket isn't going to be able to deliver the goods. He then deploys a bit of stashed away tech called the Hairy Eyeball to lazer open the vault, but not before The Technet cut and run, by siding with their old leader Gate-Crasher. With the deeds in his hand Rocket's only option to get them to Otta is to forge an old fashioned paper airplane and aim it past the oncoming hunting party safely into her hands. Which he does. Then she leaves. Leaving Rocket alone to be arrested, interegated and prepped for trial. 

He's to be ably defended by two Echomelians who bear an uncanny similarity to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, but when he sees that the jury (who will decide his fate) is made up of nine of Otta's fellow Tarkans then he thinks he's home and dry. Or is he??

There was a lot of action packed into this issue and at the end of the instalment Rocket has been left in a tailspin employing some of Earth's finest swear words. As always with a Rocket Raccoon book we get some laughs. The plotline is insane and the art is good. It is not gonna break any conventions, or scale any new heights in the world of comics - but guess what? It is a fun series, and that's why we all got into this comic business in the first place - fun. I'm happy with the return on this book and am looking forward to see how Rocket schemes his way out of his present difficulties. Enjoy!


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