Saturday, June 17, 2017

Iron Fist #4 Review

Fist Full of Hollers

Written by: Ed Brisson
Art by: Mike Perkins
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 7, 2017

The Trial of the Seven Masters intensifies this issue as we start to get answers to the motivations behind the people of Lui-Shi. Last issue Danny had been poisoned, had his guide killed in attempts to frame him, and was rendered unconscious with a mysterious shadowed figure coming to his aid at the last possible second. Let us see how The Iron Fist is fairing now in this issue.

We open to Chosin flipping his lid trying to get The Council of Lui-Shi to condemn Iron Fist to death for Hark's, Danny's guide, murder. Which we saw last issue Chosin orchestrated. The Council can not side with Chosin on this due to the fact Danny has already beaten three of their masters. It would make them look weak and scared. Instead The Council decides that Danny must face his last four masters where they can supervise the battles.

We then jump to Danny awaking in his mysterious savior's hut out in the jungle. It is here his savior informs him of his suspicions of Chosin wanting to discredit Danny's reputation. His savior allows Danny to have the rest he so desperately needs.

We next check in on Chosin trying to do some more manipulating behind the scenes. Chosin wants the team-up of Mountain-Slaying Bear and Long-Armed Bull, two of the last three masters, to take out Danny and reap the rewards for themselves.

We then return to Danny and his savior for info dump central. On the forming of Lui-Shi, and the seven factions forming seven masters with seven fighting styles representing the seven cities of heaven.

But we don't really care about that. It is really just a little tie-in to continuity to keep avid Iron Fist fans happy. I am not one but I might be turning into one though. I came for the Kumite. I came for the fighting. Which we get plenty of in this issue. Because the guy that has been restoring Danny Rand's health has been Danny's next opponent this whole time. 

And he is built like disgraced track star Oscar Pistorius. The guy has "blade runner" legs!! That's right it's The Rabbit of the Holy Flame and he fights with honor. Not wanting a poisoned and weakened opponent he nursed Danny back to health just to kick his ass.

We are treated to another awesome Perkins drawn multi-page fight sequence. Where Danny emerges victorious. The Rabbit gives Danny his Chi but also tells Danny that their Chi is not the same and is only temporary. The only way Danny can heal his broken Chi is to return to K'un-Lun. To which the audience says to idiot!! Why didn't you try that first, but I digress.

Because at this moment Long-Armed Bull and Mountain-Slaying Bear make themselves known and tag-team Danny for another expertly drawn fight sequence that brings this comic to a close in dramatic fashion.

Bits and Pieces:

This comic is great! Plain and Simple, I now after four exceptional issues have full confidence in the creator team. I know I am going to get a great comic every time. When I purchase an issue I know I am going to get outstanding art. The story even though this being an information heavy issue this time didn't seem like it at all. Most likely due to the well thought out pacing and tempo of the comic.


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  1. I've been raving about this series and I'm so glad to see it get the praise, recognition and score it deserves after these 4 issues and his really strong opening on Old Man Logan it think Ed Brisson is definitely going to be a name to watch.