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X-Men: Gold #5 Review - Marvel Monday

X-Men: Gold #5 Review

Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Art Team: R.B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Frank Martin

Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 7, 2017
Cover Price: $4.99

Sentinel, Sentinel, Sentinel

X-Men: Gold is back for another two issues this month. Now before going into this Resurrection relaunch this was the title I was most excited about believe it or not … but the book just hasn’t lived up to my own hype I guess.  The stories have lacked that certain pizazz I was hoping for I guess you could say but I remain hopeful, along with last issues cliffhangers, we are treated to something interesting.

The issue starts where #4 left off with Gambit at the mercy of the ‘Nanotechnology’ enhanced Sentinel.  The Sentinel talks shit in binary code as it nudges Gambit off the edge he’s grasping onto all before Storm swoops in to save her longtime friend alerting him to the fact the Gold team has arrived.

The rest of the team is split up by Kitty to take care of various tasks on scene, saving who and what they can, after the destruction the enhanced Sentinel caused. Prestige, Kitty, and Colossus are the first of the team to run into this new and improved Sentinel and courtesy of a good joke, and mostly a fastball special, are seemingly able to handle the situation for now. Although Prestige does seems to be greatly affected by the whole situation … because ‘psychics’ are weird I guess.

The story continues as the X-Men try to track where this Sentinel vanished and ran off to.  Night crawler ends up lucking out and tracking the thing down but it has become noticeably smaller than it was previously.  Everyone decides to fight and keep it busy while they deduce further what’s exactly occurring.  Although there are cool artistic moments in this issue the art isn’t as consistent as the first several issues happened to be.

Nightcrawler ends up coming up with the answer for the team leading us into the cliffhanger.  As the team takes some punishment Nightcrawler reveals groups of nanites controlled by the Sentinel are attacking elsewhere in the city killing people with simple imperfections or mutations are they’re referred to here, like color blindness, baldness, and cancer.  The Sentinel is basically going crazy and targeting everyone for various reasons it deems fit as our issue concludes and the X-Men seem helpless to stop it.

Overall this issue is a slight improvement story wise although I wish they would do away with the TV new personality altogether that solely shows up to spew hate.  The art however on the other hand remains a bit inconsistent throughout the issue and might be the weakest effort in the series to date.  By no means is it terrible or not well done it just wasn’t to the quality of previous efforts if you separate the controversy that came with it.

Bits and Pieces

X-Men: Gold rebounds a bit this week in the story department with a nice twist on Sentinel technology run amok. The art however is starting to show signs of a bi weekly release schedule.


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