Monday, December 4, 2017

Darkhawk #51 Review - Marvel Monday

Darkhawk #51

Writer: Chad Bowers & Chris Sims
Art Team: Kev Walker, Java Tartaglia
Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 27, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99


Final one shot of the month of November and we finally get to the one I looked most forward to when this little running theme of the month was announced. Does 90’s nostalgia deserve to remain where it was born or does this rebirth of Darkhawk have some teeth for a possible ongoing in the future. Lets check out what's going on here shall we.

Our issue begins with Chris Powell (Darkhawk) having a recurring nightmare of being in the Null of Space, at the Tree of Shadows. In this dream Raptor’s come for Chris blaming him for corrupting their ancient ‘space frat’ … but before they reach him he wakes up. Some quick background info on the Tree of Shadows; it’s the birthplace of the universe's most efficient killing machines the Raptors. The tree’s fruit is these gems, one of which powers Darkhawk itself allowing Chris to transform.

We move on and get a quick rundown of Chris’s life, girlfriend, job, and what he’s been up to lately. Its quickly addressed the Darkhawk isn't functioning properly and Chris has no idea why really. He feels like the nightmares, and lack of working crystal, means he should stop trying to be a hero giving this life up once and for all, which his girlfriend supports 100% ... of course!

Act two shows a quick recap of Darkhawk’s past before we move on to a day in the life of his job, while filling us in on his daddy issues, which takes us to the next part of our story.

Chris answers a call to an amusement park called Wonderland which ironically this is also the place Chris originally found his Darkhawk crystal. While there he is confronted by two fellow officers who try to get him to join them 'on the take', which Chris is firmly against, due to his Dad's checkered past.  Before things get ugly, and Chris turns the senior officers down, the group is attacked by ‘Raptors’ … one of which blows one of the cops to complete moon dust.

The fight leads into a warehouse where Chris gets cornered. He clocks one of the ‘Raptors’ with a nightclub, knocking the senses out of the enemy momentarily … which is a clue to Chris these might not be true Raptors, just an armored shell. Eventually one of the ‘big bads’ gets their hands of Chris Powell's amulet and things get crazy.

The Razor part of the Darkhawk persona presents itself taking over the enemy’s presence. A discussion with Chris, to sort out a few misunderstanding, leads to a mystical journey that helps Chris understand the changes the crystal has undergone as of late.  

When Chris and the armor reemerge from their vision an All New Darkhawk appears stating he he feels more control than ever. The issue concludes with some underlings bringing the information about Darkhawk's new transformation to a gentlemen named Lord Talonar who welcomes this new challenge as the issue wraps up.

Overall, this was a decent effort to reintroduce the character of Darkhawk to a new age of comic fans but nothing really too attention grabbing to sustain much attention. There were a few problems I hadd towrads the conclusion of the issue that make me uncertain what exactly happens to the enemies who confront Darkhawk here. I guess they just vanish or run off but Im not certain.

The art again is a pretty good effort, and I enjoyed it, but a few transitions again towards the back confused me a bit and Im not sure the tone of the art matches whats really a space heros comic at Marvel currently.

Bits and Pieces

I didnt mind what I read in the pages of Darkhawk but Im not 100% sure I would also recommened it to anybody but Darkhawk fans. There are a few issues towards the books conclusion almost like this book is missing a few pages but as a one shot introduction its effective enough.



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