Sunday, December 3, 2017

Secret Warriors #9 Review - Marvel Monday

Test Tube Tots

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Javi Garron
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 29, 2017

At the conclusion of last issue the Warriors had just stumbled upon a warehouse full of young children. They were being stored in test tubes for experimentation. Will Mister Sinister and Dark Beast give test tube babies a bad name? Let's find out.

We open to the Secret Warrior's Missing Child Delivery Company making house calls. The team are using Magik's teleporting abilities to get the children they found, in Dark Beast's lab, back to their homes. Magik, Ms. Marvel, and Quake are returning the kids. Inferno, back at the lab, keeps the remaining kids entertained while at the same time trying to get information from them as to where they live. Moon Girl is also at the lab trying her best to find out what Dark Beast is up to with all these kids. So far she can only figure out that these kids are all Inhumans that have not been exposed to the Terrigen Mists.

We then jump to see what Karnak is doing at his new job. Let's just say he is making a lateral acquisition of funds from his cousin's company. Its not really stealing if the funds were stolen in the first place right? Karnak needs the money to fund a project he is working on he tells his cousin.

We return to Dark Beast's lab. The Warriors team has just returned after another child drop off. Magik is tired, but has no time for that, because Dark Beast and his patch work goons have returned also and the fight is on! We get a Beautiful Garron drawn splash page here. (it really is gorgeous)

Dark Beast is looking for something on Moon Girl's computer and he is disappointed that whatever "it" is she doesn't have it. It's at this moment that Mister Sinister makes his presence known.
Mister Sinister wants the Warriors to get a message to Karnak. The team tells Sinister that they cut ties with Karnak. Sinister says he knows Lunella has not cut ties with Karnak completely. Sinister using Inferno's neice as his leverage wants the team to tell Karnak, "let him finish what they started." (the mystery continues)

The Warriors press Lunella to make the call to Karnak. He is reluctant to divulge any information, like usual. Inferno is out of patience and tells Karnak they are coming for him...after they finish dropping the rest of the kids off. Using this information Karnak goes as far as to put some road blocks in the way of the team to slow them down.

The team arrive to drop off the final kid. Karnak has called ahead of them though to make sure the news reporters are there to slow them down with questions. But, what Karnak doesn't know is Sinister and Dark Beast have turned those children into walking time bombs.

Bits and Pieces:

Rosenburg is excellent at witty, humorous dialogue, and at making sure that every team member is active in the story. The art team of Garron, Robson, Silva, with Cowls on letters continually give this motion picture quality art as well. This should go to the top of your to be read pile every time it is released.


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