Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu #4 Review - Marvel Monday

Lets Talk about Mace Baby, Let's Talk about You and Me

Written by: Matt Owens
Art by: Denys Cowan and Edgar Salazar
Cover by: Jesus Saiz
Published by: Marvel
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

The old adage don't judge a book by its cover stands you in good stead for this issue of Mace Windu. The cover is really great, it embodies the strength and power of Windu as well as his ability to channel and focus the Force. Jesus Saiz really captures the essence of the character. This issue itself does something very different.

Okay so you would think with the sheer money that is backing Star Wars these days that the Marvel books, which all sell in solid numbers would be able to keep a high level of consistent quality. Well this series has been consistent alright. Consistently dull. Yep, for all the self congratulatory behavior that surrounds the Star Wars franchise these days don't let it con you - this title serves you up a big dose of "so what".

On paper this issue actually does sound intriguing. By my reckoning it seems to give us the earliest dated Star Wars story in the "new canon" that has existed since 2014 following the Disney take-over in 2012. That is the beginning of the book when we see Mace as a Padawan learner...exciting!! Yes? Well it transpires that it isn't so much exciting as absolutely hilarious. I have to say, its not often I laugh out loud at a comic. When I saw Mace Windu in this book though I almost choked on my cup of coffee. Boy oh Boy. Never in a million years did I think that Mace Windu as a teenager would have looked like a member of Salt-N-Peppa. In fact he looks so like Pep that I broke with tradition to add a music picture into this review.

You'll notice that I haven't relayed any more of the content of this issue, and that's because this issue amounted to a big old heap of frick all. The art is woeful (albeit not as woeful as some of the material in the Ashes of Jedha storyline in the main Star Wars title) and the story is so tedious and boring. This issue gave me a laugh (albeit unintentionally) so there's that, but with the profile of Star Wars and the sheer scope available to the Marvel team with a pre-existing galaxy to play about with, this is awful.

Bits and Pieces:

I will probably buy the last issue because I'm a completist, but please, please if you are on a limited budget like most people do not waste your precious resources on this drivel. If you're curious give it a go when it hits the shelves of your local library or Marvel Unlimited. Until then save your pennies.


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