Sunday, December 3, 2017

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #21 Review - Marvel Monday

Prison Break

Written by: Charles Soule 
Art: Angel Unzueta
Colors: Arif Prianto 
Publisher: Marvel 
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy

The last time we read this series, it was with some enthusiasm that we finally greeted Lor San Tekka into its pages. The search for San Tekka was originally the stated premise behind the series, and issue 20 gave us sight of him, but not a lot. Will this change this month? Let's find out. 

Well as we open the book we are greeted with him straight away. It also helps that the art is exquisite. San Tekka is however in a bit of a bind. We saw last issue how he broke into the secure vaults on Cato Neimodia and was more or less caught red handed. Up until now I thought that San Tekka was a wise man, but this issue sees him plea with his captors that when they caught him in the vault he was only having a wee look at the Kazerth Device. He was merely examining it..not stealing it. I must remember that one next time I try breaking into a bank...I wasn't trying to steal the gold bars, I was merely examining them. Nice one Lor you old chancer. 

Elsewhere in this issue there are a few other balls in play. Leia Organa arrives in Cat Neimodia under the pretense of storing some expensive Naboo ball gowns (from her birth mother) in their secure vaults. Anyway, they don't suspect her real reason for landing on the planet which is to break Lor San Tekka out of there. I mean who would suspect royalty of such subterfuge? It's the perfect cover. 

We also see Poe and Snap Wexley doing some fancy flight work and putting a couple of X-wings through their paces. There is a near miss as they blast through a cave network, but Poe comes good. The art in this sequence is very very good. Sometimes Prianto's colors can be a bit too intense for me; especially on faces but he does combine well here with Unzuenta to render some pretty awesome panels. 

Finally the comic relief continues with Jess Pava and the astromechs. After trying to rig up her X-Wing so that she will be able to fly without an astromech droid (last issue we saw how she has now got a reputation as the "Great Destroyer' due to the high destruction rate of her on-ship companions) BB-8 and Ivee finally take pity on her and Ivee agrees to team up with Jess, much to the latter's happiness. 

Bits and Pieces:

Okay so not a lot happens this issue; apart for Leia's arrival on Cato Neimodia the story didn't really get moved on at all. The art in this issue excelled itself, but after a long wait for San Tekka in this book, the page count for him is still low, and we still don't really know anything more this issue than we did at the end of the last installment. 


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