Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Injustice 2 #35 Review

Injustice 2 #35

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Xermanico, J. Nanjan
DC Comics
Release Date: December 5, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Bring Your Snowshoes

Injustice 2’s last few issues have revealed the Plan B Ra’s Al Ghul had hidden up his sleeve.  After Batman and company discovered the destruction Ra’s has planned last issue they obviously need to counter the mad man so what’s their next big idea going to be? Let’s jump into this week's issue and find out shall we …

The issue begins with Batman, Plastic Man, Batwoman, and Catwoman entering the Quiver where Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, Luke, and the Natasha Irons as Steel.  Batman and company have just returned from the destruction at Arizona and inform the other team who isn't thrilled with Batman after the previous encounter with Ra’s … but hey Batman comes in with a puppy (he even name’s it Ace, NICE!!!) how can you stay mad at him.

The just of the talk boils down to Batman informing the team they'll need to counter Amazo somehow, even though nobody’s sure exactly they’re dealing with Amazo just yet, just that it's a super powered being that’s very very capable of bad things. Batman states they will go to the Fortress of Solitude and free the Teen Titans who Superman imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Now this is a pretty bad ass plan I can get down with … the group agrees.

After a brief pitstop at the Bat-mansion we check in on the team at the North Pole as Plastic Man and Luke bust open the bobbietrapped door to a HUGE suprise that you’ll have to pick up the issue to see. (Hint: look at the cover)

Overall, I'm glad we got back to Batman assembling his team again, because I truly feel that's when this book is at its best, and Tom Taylor does his best character work.  All in one short digital issue he was able to showcase multiple sides of the Batman and Bruce Wayne while offering other characters a moment or two to shine as well.  Its one of the many reasons I return to Injustice 2 week in and week out digitally because Tom Taylor writes team books like nobody’s business.

The art was a slight change from the normal teams usually present on the book and was a perfect compliment to what we’ve already seen in the series so far but different and unique  at the same time.  It has a less computery feel to it if you ask me this week and I enjoyed it for that.

Bits and Pieces

This weeks Injustice 2 sees Batman and his crew attempt to counter Ra’s most recent moves which have tipped the scales in his favor. Tom Taylor remembers some forgotten heroes, we may have all forgotten about, to drag back into this fight. Couple all that with some fresh new art on the series and I'm sold again this week.


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