Thursday, December 7, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 12/6/17

The Return of the Judgmental One

Mea culpa folks, it's been two weeks since I've let loose a definitive list of the best comic book covers from DC Comics, but I have an excuse! I was supremely busy. I even went away to London for a few days, and when things get crunched, sorry to say that this is often the first of my comics meanderings to go. But when the schedule permits, I'm ranking that week's DC Comics covers, which I've done right here!

Justice League #34
Nick Bradshaw with Alex Sinclair
Okay, this is a plenty nice cover, the rendering is clean and the composition is good, but the only reason it made this list is because of the POV Batman reflection in the sword. Gets me every time!

Bane Conquest #8
Graham Nolan
Man, this cover makes it look like there's a super fun time happening in this comic. Sort of reminds me of the composition of those 80-pg. Giants, they would be like "SEE Superman smoke Angel Dust!" and "WATCH Batman get skidmarks in his drawers!" I don't think those were actual stories, but they should have been.

Batman White Knight #3 variant
Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth
This is a terrific cover in terms of composition and storytelling. The two Harleys back-to-back, Joker hanging on the Judge's bench on the background, it's certainly intriguing. I haven't read it yet, but I can't wait to!

Batman #36 variant
Oliver Copiel
This one is pretty powerful. It's another two-color job...actually, more like one-color, with some black (not accounting for the Batman logo and corner box.) I'd love to see this printed on silver metallic paper.

Nightwing #34 variant
Yasmine Putri
A great use of negative space? Awesomely-rendered musculature? Terrific-looking gaping goon faces? Seems like this one's ticked every box. Great cover image.

Green Arrow #35
Juan Ferreyra
Look at Juan Ferreyra making a bid to draw Aquaman. If so, I accept. This is some masterful foreshortening and the color palette is absolute perfection. Almost looks like Ollie's going to spill off the cover!

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